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Hi everybody,

I"m from Slovakia... I started to make my first lesson and it"s very funny. Have a nice day...


  • Hi Miki0007 !
    Are you like James ? Bond007 Agent ?
    Who are you looking like ? Sean or others ?
    Welcome to you on Gymglish and on the GG Forum too !
  • hi, Mikki007, is the weather nice in Slovakia; was it a sunny summer or an autumn weather of summer (cloudy and not really warm) like by here ,in France.
    Here it's now 15 past seven....what time is it now in Slovkia?
    Have a good treap writing in this Lounge !
  • hey, Mikki007!
    are you lost ?.... Slovaquia is so far! your computer out ?
    what happens with you ?
    I never met people from Slovakia, so it's nice to meet with some through this way: please tell us how is the life there?
  • hello friends,
    i wrote "how is the life there" : do i better write "how is life there" ?
    Thanks very much to that one that will give me the good sentence !
  • hallo everybody..this is my first mail to the forum people..Forestine79 I would say "how life is there"..but do not trust me..I am a new student!!
  • Hello! what do you prefere as hobbi or sport everyone?
  • hey, Bernadette and others,
    I like walking in the country or bikking; I like riding too but I am not very good but I love horses.
    At home my hobbies are to hear different kinds of musics, to learn English, to cook sometimes (but my cooker is brokken), to read every evening, to meet friends or stay alone !
    What's about all of you?
  • Hi Bernadette and others !
    I don't know exactly what I like to do because my life makes me running and running at every moment because of my professional and family's life.
    Like Forestine79 I read every evening. I don't practise sports other than running...
    I do like learning langages. I improve my schoolish English with Gymglish. You know that because if I didn't I wouln't be on the Gymglish Forum. Then I learn Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese. But somtimes it's difficult to keep the vocabulary in mind.
    When I was at school, I used to learn English and "Old langages" like latin and Old greek. Every thursday I went to the Louvre school in the afternoon to learn about antique civilizations and, to learn that, we had to learn antique writings too : sumerian, assyrian, hieroglyphs... Then I dreamed that I would be archeologist...
    But it never happened... I changed my way.
    Bye, Zina
  • From forestine79:
    hello friends,
    i wrote "how is the life there" : do i better write "how is life there" ?
    Thanks very much to that one that will give me the good sentence !


    Hello dear Forestine79,
    Congratulations! You are very active on the Forum.It means, among other goals, that you want to improve your English and you wondered whether you should ask: how is
    the life or how is life. Don't use the article because you mean life IN GENERAL.

    Actually, you should ask: what is life like over there?
    We use HOW when you want to ask about people's health (How are you?) about people's reaction to their experiments (How is your job? I love it)

    We use WHAT...LIKE when we want to have a description.
    -What's the weather like?
    -What's your mother like? She is small and shy( =physically+character)
    -What DOES your mum LOOK like? She is a small blue-eyed lady, she has fair hair.

    It means that a question can be be very accurate:
    -How was the film? Great(=your reaction or impression)
    -What is the film like? Long but the actors are great as well as the music.
    So you see that it is sometimes possible to use both structures.

    I hope you are not totally lost by now.Go on telling us how you are, what your area is like etc...
    Bye for tonight Forestine.

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