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Oscar , Cesar and Nobel winners

According to a British study, people who have won such prizes live longer than those that hanven't. What's your opinion ? Have a nice day!


  • ...probably, their name (and surname) live longer than their body !!
  • What is Cesar? Except the Emperor and the food for pets... I do not know this prize? Any help?
  • The "Cesar" is the french "Oscar"...
    This is the first point you can learn about french culture...
    have you such a prize in your country ?
  • Thanks for your reply, Zina. I realize how apart I am.
    Yes, of course I remember this annual french ceremony dedicated to the 7th art.
  • The first ceremony took place on 3rd April 1976 and the award is from the sculptor César Baldaccini
  • A rumour that's going around in the GG forum lets us guess that an academy award of success would be set up by the GymGlishers (the students using the GymGlish) to reward the best staff at Delavigne.
    Many people think that tiazora is the best one to take the project in hand. Before scheduling the first awards ceremony, some basic issues have to be sort out.

    *What should the statuette represent? Is it a perfume? a wild mustard seed? a vine with grapes? a loincloth? a nose? what else?
    *What material should it be made of? Sure thing, Zina is about to suggest an new invisible metamaterial she is so fond of.
    *How would we name the statuette? The Nose?

    All of us are invited to hand their suggestions over to tiazora who will keep us posted here in this lounge.

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