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Hi all here

I've just started cursus and by now have I just finish with my 7st envoy. My english is not so good (excuse me but i am a french man and this is perhaps why!!) men it will certainly increase deeply on the next few month whith the great help of gymglish(this is what i hope).
so, see you...


  • Yo quiero aprender a hablar y a tener buena gramatica en Ingles, hasta hoy empeze a entrar a esta pagina. Quiero conseguir a una persona que me vaya guiando
  • From Corazon:
    Yo quiero aprender a hablar y a tener buena gramatica en Ingles, hasta hoy empeze a entrar a esta pagina. Quiero conseguir a una persona que me vaya guiando

  • HELP Corazon! My mind has gone blank.What a nightmare! I can no longer understand English.Could you give me a hand? I'll have a double vodka to cheer up.

    HELP Nathalie or other GGusers! I read Corazon's message again. Is it the vodka? I should have drunk a bottle of Rioja Reserva instead. Do you think it might have helped?
  • Hello Corazon the newcomer-
    You said you wanted to learn English and get a good command in English grammar. You are right at coming right away onto this page. You want to find out someone who's going to guide you?

    Here you are! Silky is the best guide you ever could come across.
    She was drunk yesterday but she is not an accomplished drunkar. It seems as she doesn't drink round the clock.
    We don't know much about her, she is quite discreet, but all we know is that she is most competent. A master teacher! We don't know if she's native to UK or America, or English teacher, or a long time fluent for professional duties. Furthermore she's long time proved being helpful to any beginner, any newcomer, anyone who needs advice, correction or anything.
    Thus, Corazon, start right now on this page or another. Write down your essay, your question. If your concern is mainly about a grammar point, jot it rather down the "grammar" column. You'll get a follow-up from Silky or another nice GGuser. People around here are nice, at the ready to help you.
    But write it in English or American, never in Spanish because there is here around a Safety Guard named Willy. He is a nice bloke, always in a good mood. But he is charge of the law enforcement. He is due to stand for English only. No matter you make mistakes. They will be corrected. That's the way the mistakes lead to correct behaviour. What is called failure is not the falling down, but the staying down. And we never stay down thanks to great souls as Silky's.

    Oh Silky!
    I was so happy at seeing you were boozy.
    You've been driven crazy, it's funny.
    Unable to tell a Rioja from a vodka!
    That prompted me to come back....
    Can you recall me? I was so harsh before that you nearly told me off because I had said a newcomer he had to struggle for himself and not call for help. What a shame!
    Now that I'm more grown up, I've changed my mind, Silky. Now I'm ready to fight shoulder to shoulder with anyone who wants to work hard at learning.
    Thanks to your rave up party I feel now ready to come and help Corazon.
    Thank you for your understanding.


    Hello Corazon.
    Don't feel discouraged (no te disanimarse) by Gee! At first sight, he seems to smash with a lot of complicated phrases. But I am certain he will help you, Silky either, Forestine too, and many others.
    How should you do, Corazon?
    For example write phrase with as many English words as you can and put other words in Spanish, like this:
    (Yo quiero)learn speak (? hablar) and have good grammar English,.. Look for person (que) go guide me.
    No doubt your phrase will soon be completed and corrected.


    I see you wanted to give Corazon a reply but words couldn't come out. Don't be sissy, Nathalie. Come on! Jot down YOUR English (with help of some German bits, if needed.)
    Auf wiedersehen!

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