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is this education system effective?


I write to the people that have a long time to comprise of gymglish. is this education system effective? I need to learn english lenguage very fast, because I need have toefl test to the graduation of my university and I dont not have a high level of english. I am looking a great method of study and not expensive. i wish to hear recommendations of people about my problem. I hope that you understand to me ;)


  • Disculpen que no les escriba en inglés (soy estudiante reciente del idioma), pero con mi primera experiencia tengom la seguridad de que este es un curso que vale la pena seguir.

    I am shure that you will learn whit this easy program.
  • Lucky bastard you're funny bastard!
    Perhaps Ysra should practice GymGlish to 'be shure not to learn w/ the programm' !!!
    Anyway, Gymglish is efficient, I'm 'shure' (I'm a securitu guard now!) !
    Peace Out!
  • hi, is very important you can clarify this point because we are trusting their course; therefor i am thanked by this service that they have lent us and in some way he/she has helped us, thank you for the oportunity
  • Say "shur", Ysra, but write "sure".
  • Hello Karla
    Yes, your hope has been granted. I understood what you said.
    The system is efficient and even effective.
    As you want to take - and pass - the TOEFL within a short time, you should live and think in English round the clock.
    Thanks to your computer you can learn and practice with a lot of sites like GymGlish, ESLpodcast, BBC learning English, dictionaries.....
    But the best would be that you can add some viva voce practice with natives or teachers where you live over there.

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