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Connection Problems with the Gymglish server

Dear Users,

Our internet provider (Netissime) had an optical cable problem on September 4th 2006, from about 5pm to 10pm French time.

This is the reason why our server was unavailable during this period yesterday, and thus unable to handle the lessons or to allow new subscriptions.

We are very unhappy about this, and we are glad that this type of problem only very rarely occurs (we had one such problem last year). Still, we are thinking of new ways to insure that even if Netissime breaks down, we will not lose your answers.

We are sorry for all inconvenience this may have caused.

We wish you all a very good time with Gymglish,

Best Regards,
Chief Technical Officer -

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  • I understand your problems withthe data server,but could you tell us when it

    will be restore .
  • Hello Antoine,
    thank you for all these details, nevertheless, your message dated november 9th couldn't have helped me to keep calm, because I was even not able to consult the forum untill this morning, since everything was completely frozen.
    All the same, I'm reassured to note that the problem is seriously handled and I understand that my lessons' delivery will start again ASAP...Today would be the best, or at the latest, I hope, tomorrow ?
    Thank you and sorry for getting so impatient, but admit that this is an irritating matters.
  • Dear users,

    Due to a failed harddrive on the morning of December 12th 2007 (Paris time) we were forced to run in 'degraded mode of operation' while working on circumventing the problem. The GymGlish services where fully operational around 2 PM Paris time.

    No lesson answers were lost during the outage.

    We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

    Best regards,

    Leo Tingvall
    Software Engineer -
  • Dear users,

    We are glad to tell you that have improved our infrastructure to avoid availability problems similar to those that we had in the past.

    We took the following steps:
    * We now store the lessons on two servers at different locations, so that if even our main storage server goes down, there should be no delay needed to restore the availability of your lessons
    * We have changed our internet host, and our new host has a very good SLA (Service Level Agreement) and guarantees very high network and servers availability.
    * We now have a backup database server right next to the main database server. Should the main database server go down, we will be able to switch to the backup database server quickly.

    We hope that those steps will make your GymGlish experience even better !

    Best regards and happy new year,

    Chief Technical Officer -

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