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B T 1 topic?
2 4 T
T 4 2
5 o'clock T
4 U
Topic got 1 response.


  • Well, is more and more machiavelic!
    Is it a Horatio's magic formula for a neuw perfume?

    or just and old song...

    Good day for everybody!

    Caramba the olw
  • You're right, Caramba the owlet, mobile phone SMS writing is a Machiavellian trick. As a guardian angel on guard duty at the correct Language Museum, I feel bound to give heads up at not getting led into such temptation.
    So, every time you get a SMS with such kind of text, delete it right away or, if need be, translate it into a decent formal way of speaking.

    Unfortunately we cannot delete Gee's text here above. (Besides I'm amazed that Gee, who doesn't seem to be a loutish guy, has come to such wrong doings.)
    There's nothing left to be done but translating!
    Here we are. Like in the song "Tea for two..."

    B T 1 topic? > Be letter T a topic?
    2 4 T >....... We'd sing two for tea.
    T 4 2 >....... That's tea for two.
    5 o'clock T > The five o'clock tea
    4 U > ........ is for you.

    Topic got 1 response. > Topic got one response.

    That means that Gee or any else SMS user could release further responses.
    Don't feel sleepy, delete harshly, or translate promptly.
    I stay by your side, Caramba.
  • Hé!
    This is the most interesting topic I've never seen!
    But the way :
    TTT ttt TT and......... Y!
    Willy The Security Guard (of the Delavigne Corp.)
  • I'm so glad this morning because Willy, our merry accomplice, appreciates the nagiri's T topic as being the most interesting topic he's ever seen.
    Yet Willy took up SMS writing!
    His message deserves an answer. Here you are, Willy.

    I M :-)
    Tk U 4 Ur T N t N T N Y.
    I'd = 2 C U + ofN here.
    Y -? U R + Tzing.
    C U.

    If any readers who haven't got a mobile don't understand the SMS language, they've nothing to do but asking an angelical translation.

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