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TOEIC exam

Dear Gymglish Team !

I suppose this is no easy question and I understand it depends also on everyone but I would like to know, with all the experience you have, which level is approximately needed by Gymglish to be ready to take the international TOEIC exam.
What do you think about it ?

Thanks in advance for your help




  • The toeic test! You need to buy a specific book and do a mock-test to find out if you're ready! Although you may have a good score around a level 3! the Toeic test consists of a very fast and dynamic listening part. You gymglish sessions will help with the grammar and vocab, but for the oral part, you'll need to do some special practise sessions.

    Hope this helps!
  • What do you mean by oral part ? i passed the TOEIC, got 895/990, there were only reading comprehension; listening comprehension, I didn't say a word.
  • Pascaledelab
    Where do you do the TOEIC? I know that exist the oral part, just the part most dificult for me, but if you did a exam without this part, I want know where!
  • you needto take a course especial by this exam.

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