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How to prepare for TOEFEL examination

Dear Nice Gymglish team,
Could you please advice me on how to be prepare for TOEFEL exam. I would like to do a master degree in some English countries but this need an acceptable level in Englih. What should I do to achieve this goal in my life?


  • Hello,

    To answer to your question, I think that to be prepared to TOEFEL EXAM, it demands a lot of personal work by oneself's, homework. And from day to day, you will observe your efforts and a good result. Gymglish for me is a very good preparation to any exam.
    But besides that, you need to practise your english very often and try to speak with english people or to hear BBC TELEVISION to train your ear to english language.
    Grammar exercices are important too.
    So, good luck for your TOEFEL EXAM.

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