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What happend if I cancel my suscripcion

What will happen if I cancel my subscription in 3,6,9 months (for example) If I contratated a 3 years subscription?

Excuse me for my poor English!


  • My God! What a question!
    Oh my God! What a hard time we’ll have!
    Is the sky going to fall….?
    What will happen?
    Nobody knows, Salva85.
    Gods pretend to know but they don’t know much that you and me, salva85.
    Future is uncertain. The laws of fate and necessity rule the world destiny.

    About your question, salva85, this place is a wrong place to put it down.
    Here in the forum (entrance free) people come in to rub elbows and share words, ideas, questions about language. It’s not a market. Neither an early morning market where housewives get their supplies for the day, nor a night black market where dealers shed off petty pieces of American English spare parts. It’s not more a market where respectable and proficient education centres like the GymGlish sell their products.

    Well, salva85, jokes aside, send your question to
    I wish you make the deal.

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