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Maï! fortunately I'm not Polly!

Because today, I really don't understand Mr Harold! Is it an American man?

A long time ago, my sisther worked in the Morgan Bank. One day, A boss ask to her "please, reserve for me a plane for London, for tomorrow morning".
My sither make it (be carrefull, she speaks really good English, not like me!) and the following day, the boss go to the airport... and one our after, the telephone make dring dring ( :-D ), my sisther answers and it was the boss: "are you creazy. I ask you a plane for Honkong and my ticket is for London???!!!???".
It was only the bad pronunciation...

Good day for everybody!


  • Yeah! Caramba. I presume your story is true. But some American guys are still much harder to understand than Harold Warbuckle.
    Always pleased to read you!
  • beautiful histori caramba moder f??????
  • Mmmhhh... What is "moder f"?
  • Hum hum
    'moder f***' stands for 'moder moder, i love you mother'
    It's a song from a great security guard composing during the long working hours.
    Peace out!
    Willy (The Security Guard of the Delavigne Corp.)
  • Motherfucker you! Willy the moderfucky guard!
    Hey Caramba the owl, never tell that to your mother.
    Just Willy's mother would like to hear such serenade.

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