English Vocabulary

Barely Distinguishable things

whenever whenover whensoever
Would you feel like giving a hint?
Thanks in advance.


  • As you don't get any answer, I want to give my thought.

    The CONJUNCTION WHENEVER goes for "at any time that" or "at every time that".
    "Come and write on this forum whenever you wish."
    "The street goes wet whenever it rains."
    The ADVERB WHENEVER goes for "at whatever time".
    "I achieve my GG workout in the morning, at noon, or whenever in the course of the day."

    WHENSOEVER is a stressed way for saying whenever, isn't?
    Adv. or conj. it's a way to emphasize it.
    I don't use it in my every day speech.

    WHENOVER ? I think that's an example of the flexibility of English language. You can't find it out in most dictionaries but you might encounter it somewhere. Doesn't it mean "When over"?
    Why not looking up in the Answers.com?

    I've just come across to "whencesoever" (from whatever place or source) that looks a bit like the others.
    Hope it helps.

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