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French and Italian


Hope Willy can help me. I would like to refresh my knowledge of French and Italian, as I do with English thanks to GymGlish. Do you know of any similar on-line method to do so? Do GymGlish offer something similar for French learners?
Just to add that I am very satisfied with GymGlish, it is fun to answer your lessons everyday.

Kind regards,


  • Mia Rosa! Sweet Jesus!
    Don't try to lure our Willy into bad tricks of smuggling or betrayal. He's been appointed as Security Guard of the GymGlish which the top company to provide GYM(nastics of En)GLISH.
    Mamma mia!
    Would you switch over to French or Italian? Look around for the suitable site.
    Buona fortuna, mia Rosa.
    Bonne chance, belle Rose.
    Good luck, my dear, wish you to come up roses. :-)
  • Many many thanks indeed !!

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