English Vocabulary


Which is the best way to acquire vocabulary and to get used to it?
Insert the new words and expressions in sentences and tell them several times by rote like rotating in a squirrel cage.
But to come across new words and expression you simply might put questions and get answers.
Be this thread devoted to that purpose.


  • Where does virgin wool come from?
    The sheep that runs the fastest.
    (by Harry Bank)
    Why does Branson run a Virgin company?
    Because they fly away the fastest from the company.
    (by a fellow angel express)
  • "They fly away", you said, Angel.
    I understood that crews and staffs were at stake in shifting over as soon as they get the opportunity to other airlines companies that pay better salaries. I don't know if it's happening at Virgin Express but I know it's turning out that way at Ryanair.
    Now, to be accurate with words, which verb should I use instead of "fly away" to tell people leave their job as soon as they can shift to another employer?
    (This a Q looking for an A.)
  • How can you distinguish an English train driver from a GymGlisher?

    One minds the English train, the other trains mind in English.
  • Why do you think I keep my head above the clouds?

    Two reasons. To avoid cats and dogs pouring down and to be in the best position to see the silver lining.
  • How do you call one who wears both belt and braces?
    How do you call one who looks both ways before crossing a one-way road?
    How do you call one who, when having the choice between two evils, takes both?
    How do you call one who is compelled to live with an optimist.
    How do you call one who takes everybody for being as nasty as himself and hates them for it?
    How would you dispatch the following words as answers to the questions? CAREFUL - PERNICKETY - PRUDISH - WISE - MANIAC-DEPRESSIVE - PESSIMIST
    Which word do you drop off?
    Which person is the more like you?
    Free answers welcome.
  • What a nice range of delicious boy-friends! Let's try the question in terms of survey; which is the less able to darken a sunny day? I would vote for the one who doesn't notice the way of the traffic and call him WISE as I want to think he's lost in a great, although urban, meditation. Then I suggest that the PRUDISH one who fears over-effects of attraction onto his pants (I first thought he was simply prudent!) stay in the group and seek advice by the PERNICKETY guy who wants to make sure there is no more room for a third evil. Who's left? The optimist's fellow is probably PESSIMIST enough to assume a daily training of his behalf but I definitly let down the nasty one, very CAREFUL of being in total shade. Well, let's keep a nice MANIAC-DEPRESSIVE in stock, just in case one of those would have """put down a rabbit"""!?!
  • What a nice white burgeoning talent of a writer has come down here.
    And foremost wise!
    We can believe the French edelweiss is wise for thinking as pernickety the one grabbing two evils to make sure there is no room left for a third evil. He is indeed pernickety who, having got two evils, makes a fuss about seeing to it that there be no room left for more evils.
    Incidentally I wonder if it is not the same guy that looks both ways before crossing the one-way. Maybe he also wears belt and braces at the same time.
    So, in my opinion, the first three features mentioned on the survey log are reffering to the same person.

    I for one think being like the character depicted by the last two items.
    That why I've always been, I am and I'll be forever
    AhQ the factotum (or, say, the pessimist Factotum-wannabe.)
    To the white flower growing in the French Alps. :-)
    As you put a C.W. at the bottom of your text, I come back with a point:
    I can't understand "to assume a daily training of his behalf".
    Is it that a training on his own behalf is at stake? or might you speak of his companion? his opposite fellow-character? As long as I know, these days the noun behalf is not used any more but in the expression "on the behalf of".
  • You're right, Ahq, it is nothing but incomprehensible and I give up to try to clarify, as I'm not sure anymore to know exactly what I wanted to say. The thihg is that I bet onto "behalf" meaning "moitié" (you know, this expession a bit silly to talk about a beloved) which is obviously not correct. "On behalf of" is not the point here.
    So you are as pessimist as nasty? Let me give you three white edelweiss, one for each word and the third for you. :-)
  • I’ve been pleased to read both of you following up my multiple question.
    About the companion of the optimist being pessimist enough to training the other, the 'behalf' French edelweiss spoke of, was in fact "his/her better half", without any 'be' to prevent any beheading.

    Let's go ahead with the same topic:
    [answers below]

    Q1 about evils.
    What is worse than evil?

    Q2 about crossing streets.
    [information (if need be): a zebra crossing is the spot where pedestrians have the right of crossing the street./ a jaywalker is someone who crosses a street carelessly as to be endangered by traffic.]
    Before last night party Icarus used to be zebras addicted.
    After last night party Icarus looked like a jaywalker. Why?
    (hint: he had made acquaintance.)

    A1 (told by a philosopher)
    The inability to bear it.

    A2 (told by a little bird)
    Icarus had made close acquaintance with Johnnie Walker.

    [Further A and C. W.]

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