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Funky friday today...

Hello !

Today is funky friday but I didn't get it because I'm still receiving my first 10 free lessons.

Anyway, I already read all the first episodes in my workbook and I'm very excited about the 16th episode.

Could somebody tell me when it will be in my workbook ? Tomorrow ? Today, there is still nothing...

Than you !


  • Poor grumlyette!

    You missed great events!
    But don't grumble, you'll be updated with the breaking news sooner or later. As with any good serial, the monthly new episode comes with a recall of what happened before.
    Nevertheless I hope you'll get the story in due time, i.e. within a month time, because there is a Bruno's message to be deciphered.

    Don't be grumpy. Be happy.
  • Hi!

    I'm in my 12th lesson and I wonder when I can receive Bruno's message.

    Thanks for your help, Climbo
  • Hello Climbo.
    In my everyday lessons the 5th line after the title writes
    Next Funky Friday: Friday October 26th 2007.
    with the link: Learn more about Funky Friday
    Don't you?
    By clicking on the link you'll get the episodes that came out in the last months. The message that's spoken about is in the latest episode.

    NB Funky Fridays run the Delavigne story. There is a specific column dedicated to the Delavigne's.

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