The Delavigne Corporation

Gymlish for everybody

I undersand that Horatio is "using an innovative online course to help him learn"... Really and truly? He's like us?!
What a pleasure to know that!
Hello, Horatio, do you read the forum too?


  • No I don't read but I'm not Horatio!
    Hum Hum
    Peace out -
  • Hi there! The Delavigne Corporation story is simply enthralling and incite myself to in to know more. Don't you?

  • Hi there! The Delavigne Corporation story is simply enthralling and incite myself to know more. Don't you?


  • yes..
    i like know more of that corporation
  • Hi, I´m Caro. I am colombian. I am new in Gymglish. I just start today, and the story is interesting although I don´t know too much. I would like to talk to you and know what do you think about everything.

    I´m glad to be here.


  • Hello Caro!

    You are welcome here.
    You said you didn't know too much. So much the better because you'll have a lot to learn here. People who think they know much are called know-it-all. I hate that kind of people. They have nothing to do here.

    As you said you would like to talk to us, be sure we are all ears, ready to listen to you.

    You asked what we think about everything. I can just answer on my own behalf. I think that everything is a matter of luck. If you are lucky you get everything you want. I am used to turning a blind eye on things that are not bringing luck. In this way I am a lucky bastard.

    What about you, Caro? Are you a Colombian (with a capital C) princess or a fairy tale princess in your dreams? Are you living in a palace in Bogota near Uribe's? I guess you are not living in the heights with the FARCS?

    I look forward to reading your.
    Lucky bastard
  • hello all, I'm from Dominican Republic, as Caro, im new here too, and i came to learn i hope you help us.

    wath do you thing of that Caro?

    For me is a pleasure to be here.


    Jenny Guerrero
  • I would just tell Jenny that her second line should be written this way:
    "What do you think of that, Caro?"
    a thing can be a lot of different matters.
    to think is a verb that means "to have in mind".

    Hope you'll get an answer from the princess, Jenny.
    I for one weren't so lucky, I didn't get any answer.
    Unlucky bastard.

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