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does someone have a complete idioms list to share with us?
or a good reference?

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  • Hi,
    IT'S VERY lovely site.
  • Ishare your opinion.
  • Hello laughter,

    Just the right day to enquire about "nip" because there is a nip in the air today or it's a bit nippy ,which means it's quite cold or chilly. It comes from "to nip"= (among other definitions) to pinch, to bite.

    As for "to nip something in the bud", it means you stop something before it has an opportunity to start or be established.

    EX His illness was nipped in the bud because it was detected early enough.

    If you speak French, it means: tuer qch dans l'oeuf, faire avorter qch.

    No connection but in informal American English "to have a nip and tuck" means to have plastic surgery.

    I hope you won't nip off (run away) when you see my long explanation!LOL
  • Hi , this site is great... good!!
  • I don't trust all but i can judge.
  • thanks gee. You're so smart. I appreciate that
  • It is very interesting, I learn very much; I know many words but I am afraid to express myself; to make faults and I am blocked; advices to talk english fluently. I am waiting for anybody's advices. You all are very smart. I see. continue.
  • From verobel:
    does someone have a complete idioms list to share with us?
    or a good reference?


    For those who prefer electronic dictionaries :

    With french translations : http://www.one.under.btinternet.co.uk/list.html

    Enjoy the reading. Sylvie
  • Advice is uncountable, joujou. You're waiting for anybody's advice. Does it mean that you trust anybody?
  • Hiiiiiiiii Guys and girlsssssss,

    Help me .I don't know what's the meaning of:

    To Nip,

    To nip something in the bud


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