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in the way

Hi evrybody !
I have trouble understanding with this expression "in the way". what does it mean and how to use it.


  • Hi pal!
    Let's insert the phrase in a context and it'll get clear at once.
    I can no longer see the shop across the street because there is a big truck in the way.
    in the way -> in a position to hinder or obstruct.
    "An opportunity had been put in my way." (Ellen Glasgow quoted)
    A beggar happened to sit in the way.
    in the way / in one's way -> in a position to be encountered by one, in or along one's course.

    The word way comes in plenty of idiomatic expressions.
    As I've just written an answer to Birdy in the Lounge under topic headline "to discuss in English", I'd like to point out the interest of noting synonyms of idioms.
    I remember a Delavigne staff saying "I have my ways" in order to dodge the question: How do you know? How did you manage to know that?
    Another idiom possibly answering the same question is:
    A little bird told me. -> I won't tell you how I know or how I got to know.
  • Thanks Bastard

    I sent back you exemples so that you can help you better.

    1. "there is very little in the way of common vocabulary".

    2. "the difference lies in the way each mirage is produced ... "

    3. "the society that gets in the way of kids going outside ... "

    Thank you in advance for transalating and explanation
  • You are absolutely right to point out that "in the way" has a lot of other meanings that the one I mentioned.

    #1 Would it mean that the common vocabulary doesn't get much about what's at stake? [indicating field or path]

    #2 [indicating means, method, progress]

    #3 Could it be taken as [means, method, habit] the society now allows kids to go outside...
    rather than [obstruction] the society blocks kids going outside...

    Anyway you are up to tell me what's up here, much more than I am myself. That's a bit beyond me.
    I look forward to reading you further or anyone else who'd be so kind as to come and say it.

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