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is that also possible to chat via the forum or to have vocal chat with other members? and how?

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  • i'm new mroccan student and i want comunicate with other student for develop my english because i really want to learn this language. :) HELP PLZZZ
  • hallo im mounaji bouchaib from morroco my email is- -gymglish is good .i want communicate with the others students in order to pratice english .im very happy to be student in gymglish you are fantastic
  • Hello,

    I'm a new student in gymglish and I would like to know if others students use the forum?
  • I am very interested in talking English as I keep forgetting if I don't practise. I live in Toulouse and are there other members living here. Bye
  • Hi my name is astou i would like to improve my speaking i need to meet people by chatting thanks a lot.
  • From Thierry TODESCO:

    In Paris, but I'm not sure you'll be able to make it living in Quebec city ...


    From Mouska:
    I am very interessed by live meeting. I live in quebec City, Where would be the meetings?

    I am sorry I was so busy i did not see your request before. Look on new-papers the activities of APPEAL will start at the begining of january. The activities stay at Saint-François school near Laurier Shopping Center.
    The cost is about 100$ for a session.
    It is very usefull, I stopped this activity just because it was by night and I like better to have activities on after-noon.
    The big advantage of this APPEAL, we speak only English, and we have to speak.
    Good luck
  • I'm very glad to have english lessons I'm camerounian english is one of our official language but because I'm french speaking I dind't make effort to learrn english but now T xant to try with gymglish

    Thank you for all you do for us
  • I am trying to speech english.
    I think gymenglish is one of the best tool for learning english.
    I am to have contact of personne who want to exchange experiences
  • Hi Li-boum56.

    Like you I'm a student. That means we are at least two.
  • What a good idea, Dea! I mean, it's a good idea that you try to speak English.
    You are right, Gymglish is one of the best tools on the market, at least in my opinion.
    You say you want to exchange experiences. Please, tell what kind of experience you would like to share. There are so many!

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