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I have a difficulty with my english

Hello, I am to the first lecon an english I have a dufficulty to understand how to do! I very partice to my wook I woork in the middle Hostolry. The american customers me saided, what my english is very good? I did you say no I have a difficulty to speak english. I think what The Gym English can me help but I belive what it's good for me, but I don't think. I like speak english I think take the english lecon whit my boss.


  • Might Thérèse mean this?

    I have got the first lesson of English.
    I have difficulty in deciding what to do.
    I am practising English very much on my work in hostelry.
    American customers told me that my English was very good. Could it be true? I have already told you that it was not true as I have difficulty in speaking English.
    I think that GymGlish can help me, I think so but I am not sure. (That passage is quite unclear to me about what Thérèse means.)
    I like speaking English. I will take English lessons from my boss.

    One has difficulty in doing something.
    One takes a lesson/course from someone.

    My opinion:
    If I were you I wouln't simply make do with speaking, even with spoken English lessons from your boss; I would learn in reading and writing too.
  • Hello Therese,

    First, I agree with Gee. You might work on your writing. Speaking is good but Writting is better moreover partly for professional reasons.

    Thank you, Gee for translating.
  • Hello Thérèse,

    I need more practice in writing english, too.
    I am interested to write sometimes an email to someone.
    I live near Hamburg in Germany an I am a beginner by Gymglish.

    Turtle Joe
  • Let's hope Thérèse will eventually release an answer!
    Otherwise let's hope that another turtledove forms a connection with Turtle Joe. English (not english) is at stake.

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