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shall will should could

I've some problems with shall.....


  • I've some problems with shall.....
  • Hi Luisa!

    It's a bit long to explain all the differences between the modals you mention.
    You should have a look at http://www.e-anglais.com/cours/modaux.html

    In short (very short!)
    1. SHALL is used in suggestions (with I/we)
    Shall I lay the table now?
    2. WILL is used in the future simple
    She will be 18 next week. Shall we throw a party?
    3. SHOULD is used to give a piece of advice.
    They should give her a present for her birthday
    4. WOULD is used in the conditional.
    If I were you, I would do exercises on the auxiliaries and modals
    5. COULD is the past of CAN and it is used to express a general ability.
    He could already play the piano quite well when he was five.

    I hope it helps a little...
  • thanks!!! I was waiting for this kind of help

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