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Have you seen any progress because of gymglish?

I really like the Gymglish method. That's short enough to be able to follow even if you are very busy. That's funny. And you can follow it during lunch time at your desk or at home: wherever you want.

But I'm a little bit sceptical: Have you have seen any improvement? I think that the method is a little bit too passive.
To progress, you have to practice. Find your words quickly.
Did you see any improvement ? Does the method really help you?

Thank you for your answers.


  • Hello, Sonia Ckwz
    I think this method is not so passive if you go and write often on the forum !
    I do agree with you : it's a funny way to learn and practice, every day, about anywhere (for me it's at home because i don't have computer with voice on my work place).
    I use a paper notebook where I write every day some words or some sentences that I have read in the text or in the grammar examples):so I can see again them later when I wait in my car...
  • For my part, Sonia, I feel the GG helps me a lot.
    But of course, there are 4 basic skills in learning a foreign language, reading, listening, writing, speaking. The fourth one is missing here, so you have to find out opportunities according to your social background.
  • If you can't be immerged in an English speaking environment you should imagine how practising the "speaking".
    My companion and myself, as we both try to speak English, we use to practise what we call "squirrel cage sessions". That is made of very short dialogues that we tell again and again as to make it run by itself. We tell the dialogues until they can run by rote. Rote is a routine carried out mechanically, unthinkingly. Now and again we use dialogues drawn out of a GymGlish lesson, short dialogues between two characters of the Delavigne corp., Cheeter and Sus for instance. We have also drawn up a set of dialogues we invented by ourselves.
    Here are some:
    Set 1
    Gee - Hello Gwen. Let's get started.
    Gwen - What do you mean?
    G - Look at me. I’ll show you!
    Gw - Are you going to show up again?
    G - We're going to parrot.
    Gw - Yeah! Repeating by rote.
    (After some laps we switch parts with each other.)
    Set 2
    G - Let’s enter the squirrel cage.
    Gw - I'm coming.
    G - Mind the step.
    Gw - Mind the gap between the rungs.
    G - Be brave! It’ll be hard.
    Gw - We mustn’t worry!
    Set 3
    G - for better or for worse
    Gw - to know by heart
    G - to tell by rote
    Gw - again and again
    G - heaps of times.
    Set 4
    A - The boy hasn’t been a good boy.
    B - He has to be told off.
    A - The girl has been a good girl.
    B - She has to be rewarded.
    Set 5
    A - Every time the boy’s been naughty, he is told off.
    B - The girl is used to being a good girl.
    A - She's used to being rewarded.
    B - Girls always behave better than boys.
    Set 6
    A - Are we off for dinner?
    B - Shall we leave Tom alone.
    A - Tell Tom he must be a good boy.
    B - Look! Listen! Tom. We go out! Be a good boy! Good as gold.
    (and so on at our best discretion...)
  • Thank you very much for you answers. And for your help. That's reassuring.
    Does somebody follow this course for a long time?
    What was your level at the beginning and did it increased?

    Thank you again.
  • Did it increase? Sonia.
    I started in early 2006 with a score of 3.4 or so. I'm now rated 5.4. But that doesn't mean a thing.
    Would you want to get fluent within a short time, of course the GG can't do. What does'it bring that most other methods or on-line free sites don't, it's an appropriate adaptation to your personal level and progression pace. And relentlessly my GG lesson comes on 5 days per week. Boring stiff? Not exactly.
  • Hello Sonia !

    GG is a good way to improve your English. However you must to know that making a breakthrough in a language depends on the amount of time you spend on learning.

    According to me, I think you have to devote a time of 2 to 3 hours per day in learning English to succeed.
    Furthermore, the amount of words known is one of the best indication of your level in a language. Do you know that a seven year old child know 7.000 words of vocabulary. To become fluent you have to recognize and even use at least 10.000 words. It seems to be an impossible task but if you work every day you can easily reach your goals.

    Remember what is written on GG's welcome page. You have to work hard during a long period of time. GG help you to learn in a funny manner.

    Don't give up and keep doing it. Soon you will be able to speak and write well in English.
  • Thank you everybody!

    I've just suscribed for a 6 months period. I think it's not boring even funny.
    Let's see in 6 months.
    Hope I will join your voices telling that GG really helps.

  • I started my class yesterday and it's amazing.. I've learned many things!!.. I like test so much.. Really really amazing!!...
  • I got a question.. GG teaches only British English? I really wanna learn American English!.. Please answer me!!.. Thanks!..

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