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Hello and how I met you!

Two days ago I was looking on the web for a site about english correspondance, something that would help me to write a correct, typical, polite mail to book a room in an hotel in India without hesitating on the "formules"to end my message and, for once, feel a bit self confident with my formal written english... And now, for two days, as I didn't find the site and finally decided for "best regards" that reminded me something, I am on GymGlish and cannot leave it! I have received two lessons and spent much more than the 10' required for each, but only by pleasure! I like the idea, the tempo and the spirit of the concept, and the charm of the team and the community operate and let me think that, maybe, this is the unexpected solution to improve my english sleeping for years. And mean time, I got my booking in India! Nice two days! Best regards?? :-)


  • Hello Maym and thanks for your positive comments!
    Enjoy' your GymGlish!

    Peace Out!
    Willy (The Security Guard of the Delavigne Corp.)

    note: The first 10 GymGlish lessons are designed as an evaluation test. You may find the texts and exercises during this period too difficult or too easy, but these lessons serve to determine your initial level in the program. After these 10 lessons, the personalization process will begin in earnest, and you should receive lessons which are more appropriate to your level and objectives. Don't get discouraged!
  • Thank you Willy for answering. I went through my ten first lessons and I keep going! As I can read here, there is certainly somebody who could help me to clarify some words about life in a company; an executive is "un cadre" and also "de la direction" like in "an executive decision". But... what is a manager if "a managing executive" is "un cadre dirigeant"? Where is "la direction", in managing or in executive? Do you follow me? Even in French it's not totally clear to me! And to say the true, I prefer the "rose" which has grown from nowhere in my booknote, between "recovery" and "boardroom"..

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