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New look of the Gymglish mail

Dear users,

We are happy to announce that we released today a new look for the Gymglish lessons, including new illustrations !

Feel free to tell us wether or not you like this change, and if you like the new look of the Delavigne characters ...

On behalf of the Gymglish team,
Antoine Brenner


  • Dear Mr Brenner,

    Changing one's tune every now and then is an essential condition to keep being motivated. As people are walking all the time in the same spot, a path appears that can't lead to anything short of a rigid fixed mind and a boring life. The GymGlish staffs were absolutely right redesigning our daily lessons.

    In regard to the illustrations, I can't help deploring that the beautiful dashing former sketches of the Delavigne's characters have been ousted to give way to rough-squarred chunky drawings kind of the worst pieces of an "art brut" museum. But here in heaven we've been so much turning over Michelangelo and the Florentine School that it's time we shake our dusty tastes off.

    Freely (but truly) yours,
    The Guardian Angel
  • On principle I like changes, Mr Brenner. As an angel has already said, it's good for GG users to venture off the beaten track.

    By the way, Mr Brenner, what's been happening to Polly? She wasn't looking well this Friday. A really squirrel-brown complexion! Sure thing she was on the booze yesterday. Her liver must have swollen a lot. She should go on a diet. Otherwise the GG users are gonna get sick themselves.

    I count on you, Mr Brenner, to provide Polly with a good physician. For my part I'll provide the GG users with a good remedy. Let them make Polly recover her good looking by using a efficient solftware. They're gonna get it on
    They just need to switch over to English language in order to make sure they'll be able to handle the tool properly.

    So I did. That's why I am about to spend a good week-end.
    Please pass my thanks on to the GymGlish team for the changes.

    P.S. Did you see that Pascaledelab posted her answer to your kind message on the thread "Comments about the forum"?
  • I don’t care. So long as I can manage to take the lesson.
  • The new profile bears the hallmark of a top designer.
    Moreover it shows a main concern with democracy. Until Friday the different files of the daily package ran off hierarchically lined up in vertical line. The new design restores equality.
    The files are now standing on a horizontal line, from Workbook on the left to Funky Friday on the right side going through Shop, Forum and FAQ. The perfect equality which is sung in the national French motto. All files have an equal distance to the red-sunny disc of the GymGlish that’s shining in the middle of the page.
    That display makes me think of an early morning as the sun keeps rising towards its peak and gives the student much hope of a hot English future.
    The files are waiting on the ground to be clicked on for a take-off. Between them and the sun disc, there is a thin layer of grey clouds at mid-level (my level in fact).
    But the disc is so much shining that I expect the grey mist to vanish in a moment.
    My conviction is that the new display of the lesson is superior to all other, previous or future, because it suits me.
    I just will and the GymGlish does it for me.
  • I didn't fail to surrender to the sheer pleasure of the pretty nice face-lift of the Gymglish mail. I like in particular the new pictograms, not so much the brain drawing for the memory because I'm worried about my memory, but the scent burner especially gives me the heady fumes of the delights of study.
    With regards to the characters sketches, I'll take a wait and see approach because only one character popped up in my lesson.
  • Mr Brenner,
    By general request the cast of the Delavigne Corporation's characters should come and show up in their new garbs on the catwalk. The jury made of selected learners would give marks to the designer.
    If the Delavigne staffs need a coach to make them drilling on the catwalk, I could make it for.
    Hoping that both requests (the fashion show and the drill) will be taken into account, I send you my best regards.
    Gwen (former model)
  • Hi Antoinne,

    It's a good idea. I think that it will affect our motivation. The new design is happier with plenty of pictures.

    Congratulations !
  • I very like it too!

    Peace Out!
    Willy (The Security Guard of the Delavigne Corp.)
  • i like everyting that you do gymglish cause without you i would be a more of dime.i got to say ;thank you gymglish for help.i like the way that you are.

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