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new version of Gymglish

Congratulations, you are working hard to improve Gymglish.
But,... there are always people like me who feel bad when things change. Old people ?
Well in fact, "low sight" people. I feel very very uncomfortable whith this greyish version. Although it looks very smart, it's very tiring...
People of my age like colorful things, like babies.


  • Hello there,

    Thanks for the comment. I sympathise! I'll get in touch with our technical team, and see if you could come up with a version of GymGlish better-suited to those with poor vision.

    I hope this helps, and that you do like the new images!

  • New images are great. I liked the way you improved the lessons.
    If this can help your team : I compared the two versions, and i went to this conclusion : when something is written in white in a grey frame, it is (for me), nearly impossible to read it, especially General Level.

    The followings items are not easy to read, and so unappealing, that I opened an old e-mail to go to the forum
    Vocabulary acquired 970 words
    Lessons completed 157 e-mails
    Participation rate 98 %

    Workbook Shop Forum FAQ Funky

    For people handicaped by a low vision, high level of contrast is very helpful. "Noir au blanc" (in english ?)is something to avoid.

    Well, hope this will help, have a nice day !
  • I must say that I'm in full accord with Helen and Pascaledelab ! The new version is certainly very "chic" but tiring and quite impossible to read. But there are so few words to read that
    you don't have to change anything. I like very much the portrait of Bruno, or is it Harold ? Please, answer this question !

  • I am very erstaunt, that there is auch noch a Forum dabei. I like it very much. My English is noch not so good, but it will get better every day, you will see ...or better gesagt you will read.
    I am gerade arbeitslos because I had much trouble with my female-Scheff and suddenly I had so much the schnauze full that I just through it all before her feet. Now I see while looking for a new job, that the opportunities are getting much better when you spea english or noch better when you write it auch noch very good.
    Thats the reason why I look CNN anstatt PRO7, read THE NEWYORK TIMES anstatt sonstwas and write this email in such a terribele art and weise.

    But I promise to besser myself quickly.

    Your nautilus
  • Funny, funny that interlanguage you were coxing our boat with (Someone told here around yesterday that we all are in the same boat). Coxing our boat in shady circles through international waters sounds delightful.

    You were quite right leaving your female boss like you did. Female bosses are to be left like plague. Only female kisses are to be taken galore.

    The passage that thrilled me the most: " I had so much the Schnauze full that I just threw it all before her feet." That sounds much more striking than "I was so much pissed off with her that I left her in the lurch." It prompted a fancy picture of you into my mind. I saw you with big lips and moustache all stuffed up with bleeding female flesh.
    Lucky you!

    Please, don't besser yourself so as you better yourself. You would become insipid.

    On Wiedersea, fellow nautilus! Be the sea calm. Have it vor dem Winde.
    Lucky bastard (unable to get rid of a big laugh.)

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