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New interface/layout of Gymglish

Today's top story: GymGlish changes its layout, including illustrations for its lessons. But what does the public think? That's the question on my lips, and so I'll ask it to you, forum lovers, 'What do you think of the new layout and illustrations?

More news at 11. Stay classy, Gymglish Users.



  • I like the improvement Brent or Willy or who ever is hiding up there!

    It was fine before but now its getting up in style, is'nt it?

  • I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiike!!

    Willy Willy Willy (is in da place!!!!)
  • The illustrations coming with this Funky Friday are high-quality fine arts work. I actually enjoy both drawing and colors of the sketch of Horatio in the jungle.
    The bad impression I got at first sight when getting the new Polly's sketch sure was a bit foolish coming in the rush. (I released that along a different thread.)
    Couldn't we know who painted that? Probably we can't because GymGlish is running business. I for one would like at least a nickname of the artist be made public. Just as it's used in the business milieu to give the first name when getting calls as a receptionist and personal names of higher ranked staff.
  • Some people told elsewhere in the forum that the letters of the headlines in grey, (or white? I can't remember) were a bit small. Of course if you are short sighted, you will have a hard time achieving your workout. Like people getting deaf need an ear aid, people with low sight have to wear glasses fit to them. But as is it, it can be read from far away, from South America to Uzbekistan (isn't it true, Rustam?).

    For my part I think the new layout is O.K. I read it easily and I enjoy the illustrations.
    Hey, Gee, if there was only one yellow cab before the building when you went past, plus two dogs, I can assure that today when I dropped in at the Delavigne's there was one blue car, one skidboarder and only one dog. So I'm not sure that dogs have the majority in that corporation. Anyway, according to Wolinski, a cartoonist, the majority has not the right to impose its bullshit to the minority.
  • In my today's lesson I get the sketch of the Delavigne building in SF. I like it very much. It's both fancy and somehow realistic. I like the colours, matching the yellow of the cab with the green of trees and brown and grey of the rest of the drawing.
    But I am really amazed to catch sight of two dogs whereas there is only one human, one cab, one cluster of trees and one building. Are dogs in the majority in SF?
  • My idea about the new layout: It prevents me from getting tied to routine.
    I want to point out a particular detail that I like so much.
    It is the pictogram of the grammar chapter. The crossed hammer and wrench reminds me of the hammer and sickle that has been posted everywhere at my place in Samarkand since about ninety years.
    I am well aware that most Western citizens studying with the Gymglish don't look at that symbol with a loving heart. Nevertheless I ask them to set apart any political opinion about how the nations went along with their history and look at the pictogram in itself, for its meaning. As the hammer and sickle evoke the freeing of the working class through hard working with mechanical tools, in the same way the hammer and wrench reminds the hard working Gymglish learners that they have to sweat blood to some time become a free user of English speaking. The grammar is like the factory where we craft and assemble words to produce piece of sense. Mechanical grammatical tools lead us to power and liberty of expression. Let's the smart tools of the new grammar symbol make us hammer out clever say and screw on minds to a starring English.

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