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Can you explain how this furum is running.


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  • hi fati
    i started too my english learning and would like also to have somebody with who we will together learned my email is
  • to jones, brian jones
    hi! i think you are well
    please i read here you are the special assistant of bruno delavigne
    i want to know if he are always alive.
  • from helen kamigne to florian.

    hi my dear.
    you want to know in what this forum is running!
    well, are you an english student?
    If your anwser is yes or no you should kmow a forum consit in studying,diving more information about something. here we are in gymglish forum and we received everidays course, exercice and correction. after that you can contact people in the forum to ask them more information about about what you are not understand in the corrction or the test. they try to explain to you.

    i think that is the aim of the forum!
    thank you
  • In english Please please!
    Peace out!
    Willy (The Security Guard of the Delavigne Corp.)

    From De Almeida Fati:
    je commence tut juste mon anglais et j'aimrait avoir des amis pour pouvoir ivouluer fati

  • Hello! I've not received the correction of my lesson today? Why and what can I do?

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