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Hi guys,

just a question about the subscription;
if you subscribe, do you get customized lessons depending on your expectations?
What are those different lessons exactly? Is that where you pick "american rather than british english" or "the subject you wanna get onto (like sports rather than politics") or is it even better/including more customized stuff?
Coz my 10-day trial is gone and I am hesitating whether or not I should carry on with Gymglish.
Thanks in advance for your replies.


  • no one to clear things up?
  • Well, Johan, your question is quite entangled. Rather difficult to answer. Besides it's been told by a lot of newcomers before you did.

    Take a stroll round the forum. You get aware that a lot of people are beginners. But there are also intermediate and advanced who seldom come on here.

    The person who suggested me to subscribe to the Gymglish is a English teacher who speaks as well as a native British. She attends the GymGlish herself; I wondered why; she told me it was to keep used with commercial English.

    To judge how far it's customized, I'd have to compare to a fellow learner. I can't.
    Make up your mind as you can. Whatever you decide I wish you won't regret it.
  • Hello-

    The GymGlish WorkBook allows you to monitor your progress in our course as well as further personalize your GymGlish lesson plan. In the 'Interests' section of the 'Settings' tab within your WorkBook, you have the option of selecting themes, accents and other areas of interest.

    Please note however that as there are other factors taken into account in your personalization (level, revisions, etc) the episodes you receive will not be exclusively based on these selections.

    Peace Out!
    Willy (The Security Guard of the Delavigne Corp.)

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