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I'm new to this forum, I'm french and I search a person who can help me because I have to pass an exam in english and I'm not a very goog speaker. If you can speak with me and correct me, whe can talk about diferents topics! thanks


  • hello!
    today I am ill so I should stay at home ! and work on GG for example .
    But my teenager should have been to her lycee this morning: take the bus at 7 in the morning and return home at half past seven in the evening ; that's a very long day , I agree. It's every day like this but on friday she has one hour lesson between 10 and 11 then 2 hours from 3 to 5; she used to go by car with his brother (he worked in the same town where is the lycee) but he will probably work in an other town . So today my teenager decided I should take her by car....I refused, saiing it will be every week the same singing .
    So I take off the computer and the TV and will perhaps drive her this afternoon, if she is correct with me !!!perhaps !!
  • Thank you gee for your responses!!
    Waw! I'm impress!
    It's not to long and it's very interesting.
    Ok,I watched the TV this summer, in English of course.
    I try to read Harry Potter seven in English too, I am to chapter three to the story. Have you read this book? it's entertaining (I have took an English dictionary!lol).
    I like sport, I practise "boxing thaï" and equitation. I love horses and I dream to have a ranch.
    see you!
  • Thanks you gee!
    we can talk about what you want, what means "weapon"?
    It's difficult for me to start I have made english in school for very long time and I've looked emissions in tv this summer for training me but that's all....
    I like gymglish concept it's simpatic.
  • I'm new to this forum, I'm french and I search a person who can help me because I have to pass an exam in english and I'm not a very goog speaker. If you can speak with me and correct me, whe can talk about diferents topics! thanks
  • To Cyn
    A mistake I did in my last but one tip and that you repeated:
    Isn't it too long? (not "to" long)
    "too" with a double O, adverb = 1. excessively /2. also

    As I try to correct you, I take it for granted that you correct me too! (with oo !!)
  • Nice to have you back, Cynthia.

    No, I didn't read Harry Potter and didn't go to see the films either, even if it makes a lot of people around me go crazy. Reading the original novel in English is quite a good manner to get used with the language.

    Boxing Thaï! Does it mean I have to fear to bump into you sometime in the street? Excellent sport indeed, bringing a lot of skills into play. What I know of boxing Thaï is only from watching randoris on the telly. Regarding martial arts, I practised judo, aikido and kendo when being younger. The one I was the most fond of was aikido because I liked the spinning moves going like dancing.

    Unlike my wife who is crazy about any kind of animal, I don't like to ride horses. Would you tell more about your riding. Do you ride different horses? on indoor ring? on cross-country walks? And where is located the ranch you're deaming of?

    In closing I point this out.
    Your text seems to be pretty much better English than it used to be.
    To be impressed.
    You have taken a dictionary.
    And in case you wouldn't know, to bump into someone = to meet someone by chance. (It's not to clash!)

    So long, Cynthia. Have nice dreams full of horses.
  • Hi Cyn.

    A weapon is something to fight with. That word doesn't come from French or Latin, it has a Nordic origin.
    Different kinds of weapons: a stab - a colt - a musket (think of the 3 Musketeers who rather used swords) - a riffle - a gun - a shell - WMD (weapons of mass destruction; a nuke is a WMD)...
    "Weapon" here is a noun.
    To weapon (transitive verb) is to put weapon on something or somebody.
    As a verb it has a synonym looking like its French translation: to arm.
    To arm is to furnish or equip with weapons.
    As you know the noun "arm" is a human upper limb. It's not a weapon anymore like it was some 2,500 years ago.

    I suggest you to start talking about things you like or dislike. Maybe it'll be easier to talk about things you dislike because they will spring to your mind easily. I promise to go on with your say.

    In closing I correct some of your mistakes:
    - English, French, German, etc. begin with a capital letter.
    - You can't look "emissions" on the TV. That are programs or broadcastings. Better said: I watched the TV this summer.
    - "simpatic" does not exist. Say: The Gymglish concept is nice. (sympathetic is a false friend for French because it means "compatissant")

    I hope this is not to long and boring to you. If so, just read the first sentence.
    See you! (In fact, read you?)
  • Cyn,
    That's it! Jeeves is the person who searched for.

    You search for (or after) something or someone. [the verb is intransitive in this case.]
    But you might search someone for a weapon i.e. look for weapons on that person. (As you are French - not a minus french - I'll translate it into French. "fouiller" is the meaning of to search as transitive verb.)

    Choose one topic among the different (double f) ones and start talking about it in English (capital letter) here around.
    Looking forward to reading you,
  • Hello Cyn, welcome here!

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