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My experience with Gymglish

Hello everybody,

I'm a student in France, a PhD, and I study the blood
I have a middle level in english and I have learned english with Gymglish since two weeks. I like it.
The first emails were quite easy, excepted for the grammary and listening comprehension (with a mean of 80%), but now my score falls down to 50%. The emails are more complicated and I don't understand why i don't understand.Lol. Is it normal?
And what about you?


  • Yeah, Mathiou, that's quite natural! ... except for your English which needs a uppercase.

    When I started the GymGlish, my scores had ups and downs. It went on like a roller-coaster. Now it has levelled, it's perfectly stable.

    But hang in here, Mathiou! It's not a bloody study like yours at the Fac but you need to work on a regular basis. As Doctor Jeeves told in this very forum a couple of days ago, the GymGlish comes to you at its homeopathic posology. Day by day, bit by bit, it puts you on your up and up.
    Yeah, hang in here, Mathiou
  • Yes ! Thanks you very much for these recomandations. I think too that with a regular learning I could increase my level. At the moment, I am able to understand the text comprehension but the listening comprehension is very hard for me. When I listen, I don't understand but once I read the text, I tell me "Wouah !! It's yet easy". Well, I don't say that I know perfectly vocabulary of the text.
    I'm going to work that. Lol.

    See you !
  • Hi Mathiou,
    If you have trouble understanding spoken English, my first advice is to create your own opportnities to listen a lot. You must to listen to the same content many times for the best results.
    If your audio file is accompanied by written transcrption you can listen while you reading. When both reading and listening are combined, they are more powerful.

    Good luck in your studies !

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