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Hi, I'm new at gymglish and my english is very bad. I hope that I can improve my english with the daily lessons. And I'm looking for nice people with whom I can write about daily life. I think to write and discuss with you will improve my english very fast:-)). I'm looking forward to your answers!!
So long!


  • I wouldn't let you wait any more.
    Never tell your English is very bad. Someone said sometimes here around that only bad workers tell their tools are bad. Just make it the gift of a capital letter.
    I'm not sure to be a nice man. I suppose you're a male human being. That's why I can cheer you on, there are so many nice girls over here in this lounge.
    As long as improving our common learned language is at stake, I'm at the ready to start off exchanging views, reports, feelings about the topic your put forward, the daily life.
    Today, Saturday, a day off for me as for a lot of people.
    What did I do? Half an hour running, grass mowing, a rehearsal with my chorus (a concert in scheduled for tomorrow), shopping, having three meals, receiving phone calls, making appointments, staring at the blue sky, dreaming of flying (even if I'm not fad of Harry Potter) , "GymGlishing" (neologism looking ahead to taking place in the dictionary), spending a nice Saturday night that I've been wished for by Zina, a fellow GymGlisher visiting the lounge now and then, ... That are nothing but deeds. Next time I'll come and say it truly about my existential feelings. (Boo!! formal to piss you off that existential! let's say the meanings of the life.)
    See yah!
    Tell us about your daily life.
  • Hi Gee,
    thank you for your response! Oh your English is much better:-). Oh no, you're wrong, I'm a female human being. But I hope this is also ok for you;-). Yesterday was also a day off for me. Fortunately. I love sleeping long and so I always look forward to the weekends. Yesterday I was a little bit shooping with a friend and after that I spent one hour at the gym. Saturday night I felt little bit sick, so I stayed at home and didn't go out. Instead I worked on my pc and tried to learn English;-). Today I feel much better so I will tidy up my apartment and after that I will meet a friend for a coffee. As my boyfriend is in Hungary at the moment I have free time for myself at this weekend:-). What are you doing today?
    I wish you a nice Saturday!
    See yah!
    Del Sol
  • I'm sorry, I certainly mean, I wish you a nice Sunday;-))
  • hi, Gee,
    in witch kind of chorus do you rehearse ? I like chorus too, I did rehearsed in several but now I live too far from the town ! and I am too often on the road !!
    At this time I am hearing Andreas Scholl "English Folksongs and Lute songs"
    Do you know him and it ?
  • To Forestine
    I can't figure out what is the music you were listening to but I'm gonna look for later.
    My chorus is made of 50 or so choristers, most of them amateurs with a handful of so-called professional solists. Yesterday concert was performed by two choirs and an wind section orchestra of 58 musicians. As you possibly know a wind section orchestra is made of brass, woodwind instruments and percussions, no strings.
    See you soon.
  • To Del Sol,
    I have to go now. I'll field your kind message tonight.
    Have a nice day.
  • Dear Miss Del Sol,

    I beg your pardon for having mistaken you, Miss Del Sol. If I've been wrong about you, that's because I'm not a detective. So I couldn't detect who was hiding behind a name that had been scrambled with the intention of deluding the readers.

    Though your hopes will be fulfilled; as you were saying, "this is also OK for me". I'm not a queer 24/7 and anyway, for the matter at stake here, that's no matter. I never forget that we write and read here on the GymGlish trail to work on the language with the hope of sooner or later acquire a good command of English. May I say that the form sort of prevails over the stuff, i.e. the language in itself prevails over what it refers to? That's a controversial issue as we know that for Aristotle the meaning is inside the form.

    Now that you lifted a corner of the veil - no that I could think you wander veiled about the streets (lol) - I'm not amazed to learn that "you love sleeping long", the sun shining in the bottom of your heart makes you prone to lazily go on sleeping late in the day until the gym hour.

    As you "worked on your pc and tried to learn English :-)", you wrote that interesting message I'm replying to. It flows with the greatest of ease. I'm pleased to read it.

    What I'm doing at the moment? Dreaming of a tanned Spanish girl running on a playa del sol… somewhere on the planet Earth. We all share the same sun and the same earth.

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