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To mistake or not to mistake ?

LEADING ARTICLE [Fr. éditorial / Ge. Leitartikel / Sp. editorial]

To miss or not to miss, that’s the whole point these days for GymGlish users in the forum.
First of all let’s say that we have nothing to worry about, for they didn’t miss the boat. [En. to miss the boat / Fr. rater le coche / Ge. das Boot vermissen / Sp. perder el tren] They are all in the same boat, for better or for worse. They didn’t miss the boat but who knows if they didn’t mistake it. For so many mistakes blossom all over lounge and any place here around, like daisies scattered over the lawn in the springtime, challenging the Delavigne’s finest flasks, like so many Horatio wannabes. How does it smell on that carpet of flowering mistakes?

To mistake or not to mistake, that’s eventually the big question.
The GymGlish team stated in a lesson correction "Mistakes are your best teachers." So, mistakes wouldn’t be for better or for worse but only for better (!) because teachers are supposed to be for better.
I read that Gee had added "as long as they get corrected".
The issue is worth debating. It’s with that aim of debating that I put down the present topic. I put it down the grammar column because grammar mistakes seem to overcome vocabulary mistakes in the course for quantity.
I earnestly urge every visitor of this column to give their views about the alleged benefits of making mistakes.

Dear GymGlish users, dear visitors, don’t put off till later the opinion you can supply now.
Come on and say it right away so that we can have made up our mind by the end of October.

From now on, this thread is open for business!
No! Sorry! (They are going to take me for a Bruno Delavigne wannabe!)

From now on, this thread is open for chattiness!

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  • Don’t worry about me, Silky. I haven’t been scolded by the virgin Mary for the simple reason that there is no virgin Mary in heaven. I can confirm what you so wisely told yesterday in the "Joke(s) in English" thread. Gee must have got the good laugh he had been looking for. I secretly grinned, quite content with getting aware that every joke provides truth.

    Though I have not been scolded by Mary, I’ve been told off by pundits and mocked by fellow angels for badly writing texts full of bugs that a savvy female earthling had to fix. They also sent me to a psych doctor for having mistaken your collective "you" for a personal one!
    I learned from that psych specialist that my ego had swollen with self-assertiveness, self-assurance, self-importance, self-obsession, self-sufficiency, all symptoms of a new disease called "sarkomania". Nobody knows how long it’ll take to be cured.
    (C. eagerly W.)
  • I don't mean to pry, Silky, but I've been enticed by learning you have a joke pending. I'm not sure whether you mean the forum is too stark or you really wonder where to post your joke. In case the latter is true, don't forget there is an search engine on the right side of the top of the page. Using it I found back the topic opened by Willy in the "G.U. & Visitors Lounge", headlined "Joke(s)in English".
    Looking forward to bursting out laughing.

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