English Vocabulary

What book(s) did you enjoy reading?

As it was said in a lot of comments, one of the best way to learn vocabulary is to read...
I like reading. And I can say this is true. My vocabulary level has increased a lot since I start reading English.

And what's nice at reading books in English is this: you do not waiste your time even if you read "not clever" books. So can allow yourself to read books that you won't allow you in French because they are "not clever" enough. You can read just for the pleasure. Not easy to explain. To give you an example: I red nearly every "Maeve Binchy" books, that's a kind of books I like but that I would consider that I waiste my time if I had red them in french.

Did you read some funny or beautifull books in English?
Do you have some to advice me?


  • Hi Pilipote !

    I notice that you have realized a rather increasing of your vocabulary by reading a lot.
    I think that one fo most important thing is to read what you want and what you are interesting to you. This way you learn in a funny and cool manner.
    Keep doing this and your English will improve dramatically.
  • Hi ,

    I am "nuveau" in this method ..and I am a spanish speker..Can you recommend me an easy reading book ..with what kind of reading did you started with?...
  • Important message from AhQ to MaQ (important? lol!)

    Hi fellow GymGlish user!

    You are a newcomer here... and you are a native Spanish...
    You asked if one could recommend you an easy reading book.
    What a relevant question!

    I for one didn't start by reading books but your question goaded my mind.
    I went to Google and typed "easy reading books". What appeared was a list of easyreading books mostly for children or handling beginner's English that are not novels but teaching aids (sort of educational works, with vocabulary explained, even exercices added). Some are available on line.

    I remember a weekly magazine released in France destined for beginners. It's fully written in English with vocabulary in the margin. I forgot the name of that zine but maybe someone reading this text will be able to tell it. It's sort of like the BBC site providing some texts for English learners, except that the BBC texts use a bit more advanced language.

    As Pilipote said by launching this thread, if you can spare time to learn more, reading books is not wasting time. (to WASTE time, the waist is not a verb but the part of the body where you wear a belt.) He said he read books that he wouldn't read in French, his mother tongue. It's true that it depends on your aim in reading; is it what is told or how it is told. Nevetheless I'd rather think with djomanilian that the best is taking both at the same time, reading something that is at your level in its formal expression and furthermore that goes about something you are interested in.

    Have a nice trip by reading books through.
  • I started with "simplified English books" published by "Penguin" collection. I bought them in a FNAC shop. I guess you have Fnac shops in spain. If they do not have them, they can probably order them.

    But I didn't have to read a lot of them. After 4 or 5 books I could easily switch to normal English books.

    But be carefull not to choose a ancient writer. Perhaps his/her english would be difficult to understand for a beginner.

    I read Harry Potter as well. The vocabulary is particular but english is easy to read...

  • AhQ and Pipilote , thanks for your comments I'll follow your recommendations, I am a spanish speaker of the other side of The Atlantic , I know the penguin books but only the excercise books, my write and speak english is basic and I want to improve it ..
    I agree with you about the ancient writer , I tried to read an clasic novel but It was boring ... thanks for yours advice...
  • You are welcome. My advice: read what you feel like reading... Like that, you'll continue even if it's difficult.
  • Hi Pilipote I am Maria and I am reading Herbie Jones books written by Suzy Kline these books are easy to read since they are for 4th and 5th kids.

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