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I 've often heart someone using the word "anyway" to stop a discussion or a argumentation. Does anyone know the exact meaning of this term in this context?


  • I understand it in the meaning of "however" in this context.
  • Hello elron8 and Birgit,

    When anyway is used on its own at the end of a discussion, especially when people don't agree,it sort of means:"Think what you like but let me think what I like". I am not surprised you have often hearD it to put an end to an argument(=debate)

    However is a synonym of still OR yet and is more often used at the beginning of a conversation.
    EX English is not easy. However/still/yet I love it.
    Be careful because still can also be used like this:
    -I still have problems with anyway. True? If you have,let me know.

    Have a good day.
  • thank you for you answers.

    I think I understood it too like "Think what you like but let me think what I like", and I think it more clear in my mind, thanks once more.

    Moreover, I'm interesting in another term currently used : "nevermind". From my point of view, I think when it is used at the end of a sentence, it means that the things saids just before are not important, doesn't it? What's do you think about it...?
  • hello, elron8, I think your explanation is good, I think you can replace "nevermind" by "don't bother " (because it's not very important)
    Do you know the idiom "it knocks but once " ?
  • Hi...

    I don't know what's mean that idiom???

    Could you tell us???

    An other question.... If you have a formal conversation, what is better to use nevermind or don't bother...
  • Never mind!
  • Well, Hi everyone!
    The expression "Never mind!" is often used after saying "Thank you!", means like "No problem", Right Gee?

    Bye for Now.
  • O.K. Hiksuvi.
  • nevermind.it will be alright

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