English Grammar

A or An

I need to know if these sentences are corrects, plese if you can help me.When to use a/an and why?

1. An American car needs a large amoun of gasoline.

2. I would like to have a wonderful car.


  • 1. An American car needs a large amount of gas.
    That's true but it's on the way to soon not be true.

    2. I would like to have a wonderful car.
    You said it!

    I think the n that sticks onto the article a to make the article an has a euphonic origin. Just tell the words aloud or mentally and you right away know whether you have to use a or an.
    Most often the article a comes begore a word beginning with a consonant whereas the article an comes before a word beginning with a vowel. A car, a window, a honest man,... An American, an interesting book, an evidence,... But sometimes the consonant beginning the word is somehow a false one, it's a consonant but it plays a trick on the beginner, for example the h of the hour is aspirated (*) and you'll say: an hour.
    (*) they say aspirated even though you never breathe in by saing a h (ha, ha! a h or an h? Guess!)
    If you hitch a lift, you might get an itch in your thumb, but don't mistake them.
    But anyway hang in here. I'd like to give you a hitch up, hern6092.
  • Thank you you for heping me ,But I would like if you are a English teacher?
  • Thank you for answering, hern6092.
    Unfortunately I'm nothing but a jack-of-all-trades (a handy versatile person). My surname is Factotum. That's why I do all kinds of works, including helping guys in trouble.
    I understand that you would like I were an English teacher? Of course! You're right, dude! But I am not. There are not so many teachers here around.
    Notwithstanding I insist to tell how I'd have written your sentence.

    "Thank you for helping me, but I would like you were an English teacher?"

    Believe me, until now I never heard anybody say "a English teacher". Say it before writing. An English... flows easier.

    However I admit that quirky guys give the life its spice. If everybody were behaving the same standard way, the life wouldn't be worth living.
    See yah!

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