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  • I have the same problem!
  • Weird! Don't hesitate to write an e-mail to the support team!


    From Marie Imane:
    hello I have a problem with my lesson with all "fill the blank" exercice. I recieve my correction wich tell exercice not done !!!
    How can I correct the problem ?


  • Hello,

    I have a problem with my English lessons.
    Since a few days, I do not become any lesson!!!
    Could anyone help me?

    Thank you,
  • hi I just begin with the gymglish website , and I don't understand why when I send my answers , the result is false or not answered. yet I still answered correctly. so my results are bad actually. could you help me?
  • Hello,
    I haven't receive my lessons since thursday, I have tried the FAQ...and all the possible things....but ???????????
    Please Help me ! ( it's a song so beatles, no ??? but it's not a joke :( ! )
  • Hello Willy......
    Please could you make something for my lessons ???? I tried "resend" and all the FAQ propositions.......but today, once more, I Haven't received my lesson ......
    Why Gymglish doesn't have a mail where we can alert someone when we have a problem ??? I think that it's necessary to change something in your system !
  • Since I have sent back my lesson on saturday 21st instead of friday, I don't get the next mail though I have received the corrections for this last lesson ? I've also clicked on "resend lesson" in the pedagogy section but nothing happened so far?
    Any idea which could help?

  • I don't manage to get any more the translation of some words when I put the mouth on them
  • your video file is bad quality sound. Sometimes it shouts,espe cially "your mrs blunt" is it necessary tomake her shouting like that in the dialogue ?
  • please, is it possible, to learn specially the oral ...

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