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  • There is lately an increasing number of errors in my corrections. The bad scores are mainly due to omitted questions invisible in my lessons. This is very annoying. Corrections sometimes don't match with the questions which makes me even more pesky. What's to be done?
  • Since some days I get only vocabulary-lists and no story any more (although I selected the "Increase lesson length").
    What is wrong?
  • Hello,

    I'd like to reset all my statistics and lesson level, start from scratch.

    Can you help me please?

    Best regards,

  • WernerP said

    Since some days I get only vocabulary-lists and no story any more (although I selected the "Increase lesson length"). What is wrong?

      Same problem here, and there are others which reports the same problem in the English forum. Since you didn't get an answer, I think the GymGlish program has deteriorated earnestly. Maybe the corporation is in trouble …
  • Hello Willy! I want to say that it is sometimes difficult to launch the vocal session on Gymglish lessons, with the new system. I have to "click" many times on the triangle before obtaining the two stripes which beging this part of the lesson. Can't this be improved? Thankyou
  • Dear all, When I read the 'Your best teacher is your last mistake:' section, I didn't recognize my mistakes. Is it possible to have the date or the number of the lesson related to these mistakes. Bye, Nevertheless, I like Gymglish!!!
  • Hello Willy, I did the one month test then I decided to subscribe for one year. So I connected to my account, payed, changed my name and I received the first lesson instead of the next. And I lost everything of the past month. Maybe because I changed my name ? It is possible for you to do something for recovering my old lessons ? My previous name was 'Sa Sesur' and I can see it always exists by access my old lessons directly by my e-mails. thanks Regards
  • Hello, With the Android app it's impossible to listen to an audio lesson again. Once you have listen to the audio, clicking again on the play button doesn't work anymore, even after reward. Can you test it ? Thanks a lot Best Regards
  • Hi Willy, May be you will be able to give me some help : For two days, I cannot select any extra vocabulary. If I click on the link "click to select your vocabulary ", nothing happens. It's very frustrating ! Many thanks in advance

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