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Small mp3s for word by word pronunciation

Dear GymGlish Team,

In each Gymglish lesson, I think it would be really cool to have close to any term definition either the phonetic writting of it, or better, a small mp3 with :
* its correct prononciation
* plus perhaps a small sentence containing the term ?

The mp3 solution is for me the best one since many persons don't know correctly the phonetic alphabet (me included).

What do you think ?



  • I share your opinion, how to spell words, how to prononciate them are the most important way to learn english and to communicate with people. we are used to improve our level by learning grama but without vacabulary we can't go forward.

    Hope the webmasters think to add this option in order to help us


  • For more audio files, I suggest you subscribe (it's free) to ESL podcasts ( There are 204 podcasts to date if I'm not mistaking. download and listen. The subjects are everyday situations and are very helpful in learning English.
  • Hello everybody!
    This is Willy, The Security Guard (of the Delavigne Corp.)
    I totally agree with you: I've discussed this with part of the GymGlish Team (I have my ways...) and this option (mp3 audios of vocab modules in our GymGlish lessons) will be available soon !!!
    Great news isn't it?
    Peace Out,
  • Fantastic! It's true that pronunciation can be very tricky.
    If I may add two other suggestions, it would be fantastic to have the corresponding phonetic transcription --don't recall the name of the standard one used in most dictionaries, IPA I believe.
    And because I am unbelievably demanding, I would really like to find a module where one could improve his/her pronunciation, through repeating words and sentences, being able to record the result and to compare it to the model, and why not, a possibility of speech recognition with a chart highlighting how one's performance compare to the model's . With this, your method would really be the best!!

    Very demanding Jane 64
  • Hi everybody,

    An additional solution would be to write with a bold police the tonic part of a word. Another idea is to have questions about prononciation in the GymGlysh lesson.
  • I totally agree with what has been said in the previous comments: prononciation definitely is the major matter for non-native. If I have one regret about my subscription to Gymglish is this lack of phonetic items. So I am glad to know that Gymglish services will improve very soon. About that MP3, will it be possible to have a link in the workbook, not only in the lessons ?
    One last word to tell that ESL is really great and that I encourage everyone to subscribe: as it was said previously, great quality and it's free!
  • I'm looking forward to hearing about the sonor option. Thank you very much. Oceane

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