English Vocabulary

Hello to all, this is my first lesson, I would like know new friends for practic

Hello, if you are interested in learning as much as I invite you this language that we communicate this fabulous medium and so both improve our English.

I understand little, it takes me several minutes translating and editing this, but it does not matter because I am eager to learn English.

If you make contact, I answered you.
See you later...

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  • Hi!Everybody!It's nice to meet all of you !Can we make friends together?I want to find a partner to practice English skills.
    My email is:dai_loc0589@yahoo.com
    It's great to receive your email!
  • good morning ser,am not speak english very well.do you wont's to learn me please tinkyou .am Marguerite of Cameroun bye.
  • hello, i am Trang, i am from Vietnam. It is my fisrt lession and english is very difficult to me. I hope that we can learn more.
  • From Liz Caro:
    Hello My name is Elizabeth, but many people call me Liz, I´d like speak english. It is difficult to me, bacause I need practice.

  • Hello everybody,

    I am new here and I am not good in English .I know some words and a little grammar but I am bad when I speak with others people .How can I improve my oral ? Have a good day !

  • hello my name is Gaye. I don't speak english very well . I would communicate with different persons . I'm very happy to see other person who like english.Do you help me in the conversation.Please.
  • hello,

    my name is mary and it has been a long time i have not praticed english.

    i need to communicate whith people as much as possible.

    thanks for you helping....
  • Welcome Gaye!
    You said you couldn't speak English fluently so far. It's normal as you seem to be a rookie.
    You'd like to get in touch with several persons of different origins? That's it! You are on the right place here.
    You enjoy getting in touch with people who like English. You may guess that those who are learning with GymGlish can cope with such language.
    You would fancy a help in conversation? We are here down so many making themselves available for that job.
    See you later?

    PS- You referred to yourself as being AS. I guess you are the ace of hearts. Mind you don't get a second S at your AS.
  • hello every body,im lina for algiers and i speek just a little english!
    i need a practice for english and i should be a very good this blog !
    thank you very mutch
    good bye

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