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Hello to all, this is my first lesson, I would like know new friends for practic

Hello, if you are interested in learning as much as I invite you this language that we communicate this fabulous medium and so both improve our English.

I understand little, it takes me several minutes translating and editing this, but it does not matter because I am eager to learn English.

If you make contact, I answered you.

See you later...

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  • Hello!I´m Isabel, from Spain. It´s the first time I write over here. I would like practise mi English´s level with all of you.
    See you!
  • hello,
    i am interested in learning more by communicating with you;
    my level is medium, i have some lacks in vocabulary and grammar but each time i try to do my best even at work.
    i need to practice more especially by oral
  • From fadyy:
    ok dear friend
    be sure that you will enjoy this site, me too I'm a new mumber here, and I want to emproove my level in my English, so if you want we can beging our friend-chip from up to now OK ,
    so let's read from you as soon as possible ;-)

    Hello Faddy
    Nice to meet you.
    It's my firt lesson, I would like to become your friend to practice english
  • From yobis:
    hello this is my fifth leson, i'll be here for you. off course when you need me...

    god bless you


    The same of course, it's my firt lesson. I need you to become my friend, to arise our english level.
    GOD bless you too.
  • Hello,
    My name is Ethy I'm come fron Congo Brazzaville
    I'm happy to learn english.
    I would like to know you, for practice english
    See you soon
  • Hello again!
    I´m very glad to hear or even better read from GEE that someone really saw my little report. I admit I really had to search for my own report because, if you remember I´m not very used to internet forums. It´s amazing how many members participate in this forum. From Spain, Brazzaville, Morocco, etc. And even from good old Germany.
    Have a nice evening!
  • hello!!!
    Today is my first day here, in GymGlish, and I am very excited.
    I hope to learn.

  • To CB.
    First and foremost I need to tell you that a lot of people read your little report.
    As you see, only Gee confirmed he had read it.
    The big question is why only Gee?
    As you'll notice as walking around here in this forum, Gee is a very talkative guy, a real chatterbox. He couldn't help whispering you something.

    Others didn't.
    Two reasons can be taken into consideration:
    First possible reason:
    Everyone waits until others speak because they know that, speaking the last one, they are sure having the last word.
    Second reason (highly likely reason):
    They've been scared by your nickname. CB!
    If, like me - an angel, you were flying almost every day, you should be bound to check the weather forecast at any time. In the weather forecast the code CB holds for CUMULO-NIMBUS, a nasty heavy dark cloud that gives birth to a towering cumulus, heavy rains, storms, lightnings and a lot of snags in sight. A good navigator always avoids CB! And all GG users surfing on this forum are good persons.

    But, CB, don't let you get down. I am sure everyone, like me, appreciate a lot your excellent writing. Little by little they will come on to you and have a talk.
    Most of them are from French, German and Spanish speaking countries. But others come from England, Ouzbekistan, the heaven (like me)... from nowhere as well. I guess you are from Germany because you tell it being a "good gold Germany" and not an "odd gold Germany".
    Spend your spare time with us, CB.
    I'll tell you, as I often do, see you later, alligator.
  • From Calima:
    Hello!I´m Isabel, from Spain. It´s the first time I write over here. I would like practise my English´s level with all of you.
    See you!


    With all of us? So, with me too! It's the first time in my life that a nice girl agree to have a chat with me! I'm very pleased to meet you, Isabel.
    (What a pretty name!)
  • From CB:
    Good morning,
    (...)Well, I wonder if someone of you all will read my little report.
    Have a nice day!


    I did!

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