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Hello to all, this is my first lesson, I would like know new friends for practic

Hello, if you are interested in learning as much as I invite you this language that we communicate this fabulous medium and so both improve our English.

I understand little, it takes me several minutes translating and editing this, but it does not matter because I am eager to learn English.

If you make contact, I answered you.

See you later...

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  • Hi Paola
    yes it's a nice place to live, not easy every day but i think it's a magic place and so beautifull. I didn't travel a lot so i can't really compare to cities abroad. I went to London which is nice too, it looks like Paris mostly. I would like to go to New York on May, i think it"s completly different from Paris or London.
    In fact i am improving my english because i am discovering travels :)
    Nice to meet you Paola
    See you
  • Dear All

    I am interesting also to improve my English. My home town is Frankfurt in Germany and I only can workout the lessons after work but not every day, so that means to learn perfect English will take me a long time.

    best regards

  • Gee!! We weren´t having a romantic relationship!!! So you can participate without problems!! jajaj

    What about me? I wrote a little in this forum, I´m from Argentina, 30 years old, I have been working since I left school. Now I am working in the IT Department of a big company, this is the second reason I need to perform my english. My first reason (I´ve already wrote it)is that I can speak with other people, meet them, and a lot more.

    It´s amazing when I read that in Europe is snowing, cause here we are melt, It´s so hot that you can wear even a sweatshirt... at night we stay outside drinking a juice or an icecream at a bar. In fact we do all the things you don´t prefer to do at winter.
    That´s why I like learning English because you can nourish (?) yourself.

    Ah! When I write "jajaj" it´s like (LOL)...isn´t it? I´m laughing...


  • Hi Gee!

    I had to use a dictionary to understand you!! jajaj The words you used there wasn´t in my lessons!!! And gooseberry I´m not sure what it means...

    My trouble is that I studied when I was a child and now I´m trying to remember a lot of things, in fact the most important and hard to do (for me ) is remember vocabulary!

    Tell us something about you, where do you from? what do you like? Do you like writing with difficult/strange words or do you have incorporate them?

  • A few years ago I discovered how wonderful is meeting people when you are traveling, and how wonderful is when you find a place...your place...
    My first "big" trip was Disney World when I was fifteen and since then I can´t stop it.
    Now It´s difficult cause my country have a lot of problems and our money isn´t useful out of here.... (?)our exchange rate is at the top (I´m not sure if I wrote it properly), so travel around the world is so expensive.

    But I´m earning to keep on traveling!!!! jaja! See you!
  • Hi Victor!

    I enjoyed staying in Paris... and I also visited Toulousse, Sarlat, Tours, and Biarritz. I really enjoyed it. Sometimes I take the pictures and I wish to come back there.

    Ah! In Paris, with my friend and two guys, we drunk wine and ate some cheese sandwiches by the Sena river, they told us it was a french costume. I loved it!!!! You have a beautiful beautiful country!

    See you!
  • Guten Abend, Ralf.

    I say "Good evening" as I just got to know you come here down after work.

    You are also interested in improving your English.
    1. Mind the place of also.
    2. You are interested. Your lesson is interesting.
    3. Say rather "to be interested in something, or in doing something." Even though you could say : "I am interested to see how it works." = I would like to see (I am curious to see) how it works.

    Managing to master a perfect command of English won't happen overnight (= won't be done in one night time).

    Lucky you living in Frankfurt am Main, the second largest town of Germany, famous for its banks, its trade fairs and so many assets.
  • Thank you, Paola, for your jajaj. It's great!

    I'm pleased to know about you. I was impressed by your good level of English and I understand now that I get to know you are an Information techie.
    You are drinking juice and licking icecreams, and what about hitting a tango?

    As you posted a (CW) I return a [CS] (correction suggested].
    About the question mark going with nourish, I quite agree with you. English is the best staple we can nourish us with.
    That's not a correction. It's a confirmation.

    Come along, Paola. Tell us more. Make us laugh and jajaj.
    As it takes two to tango, we might do a deal.... for a platonic tango, hey Paola!

  • Hello Paola the globe-trotter:

    To play gooseberry (British idiom, humorous): to be with two people who are having a romantic relationship and would prefer to be alone.
    Example: "I'd love to go the cinema with you, if you two are sure you don't mind me playing the gooseberry."
    Every week I take part in a conversation meeting with English learners (like me) and some friends American and British natives. That expression has just come to the floor last week, that's why it came to my mind.
    I for one think that using expression that one thinks being correct is good for any reader, as long as they can use a dictionary if need be.

    The word gooseberry (aside from the idiom) is the name of a small acid prickly edible fruit of a shrub. Syn. currant. In Spanish : grosella espinosa. In French : groseille.

    About me? I am an old man that subscribed to GymGlish in February 2006. At that time I was "intermediate", as they say. I write a lot on this forum because it's a way to practise regularly, especially for people who are not immersed.
    I am from the French speaking part of Belgium. I didn't travel so much and I guess that, when you will be my age, you'll have gone round the world umpteen times.
    What about you? Maybe you told yet elsewhere in this forum.
    So long,
  • I don't want to play the gooseberry, just to point out your Yearning.
    You are yearning to keep on traveling, Paola.
    Let's hope your yearning will be often assuaged.

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