English Vocabulary

Get a return ticket.

LEADING ARTICLE / éditorial / Leitartikel / editorial /

Do you feel bored as your GymGlish workout is over? Have you got some spare time? Step on your keyboard and start writing until you feel far enough to come back. Write a palindrome, a word or a phrase which reads the same from right to left as from left to right.
Interests in palindromes are starring this way.

* return ticket without getting off the word: bib - civic - dad - eye - level - lol - madam - mum - pop – radar - ...

** return ticket with stopovers: got a tog – dog a god (= hunt a god)

*** return ticket allowing full stop at arrival before back tracking: live on / no evil – warts now / won straw

**** return ticket with stopovers at places different on go and back trips: race car/race car - gag even on way/yawn on eve, gag!

°(zéro star, for nerds): word-unit-palindromes like
never say never - Jean loves Susie, Susie loves Jean – you said Luna was happy? happy was Luna, said you.

***** mixing stopovers and unit-trips in a meaningful way, the must for GG users!
Crazy are GGusers that believe that GGusers are crazy.
Horatio, are you aware you are Horatio?

Dear GymGlish users, dear visitors, don’t waste your spare times.
Come on and be creative, deliver some return ticket to your favorite destination.
From now on, this ticket office is open for creativeness!


  • I travelled from Paris to Frankfurt by train a week ago with a return ticket. This morning I wanted to come back but... no way. I wonder why my return ticket didn't allow me to come back.. I asked the woman at the ticket office ... but I got no response. She was on strike.
  • Chen-Lee has just prompted me the right return ticket.
    Let's see if it'll be working.
  • Do you know that a new palindrome has recently been created by dogs?
    Yes indeed, dogs' attitude has had a sweeping change.
    'Dog generation', a brand name, created the first perfume for dogs. As you know dogs dislike human perfumes, you guess how does smell the “Dog Generation latest perfume”.
    A charter has been edited telling 5 commandments in order to belong to the circle of aficionados of Knight Dogs.
    Cleb’s Med, in Jodoigne, Belgium, is a holiday centre for dogs providing decorated rooms with web cams as to permit dog’s masters to keep an eye on him/her from their faraway holiday resort.
    Luxury hotels, notably 'Dog de Trillon' in Paris, offer VIP receptions for dogs. The doggies receive a name tag with hotel address, a toy, a bone, a bottle of mineral water, dry dog food or a $50 menu.
    Dog’s surgery has at hand golden pins for broken or arthritic hips.
    Food-wise, cook books for dogs are edited detailing dishes for any tastes. Royal Canin and Cesar provide diet and organic products.
    Clothes, jewellery and a lot of broaches for dogs are high-end fashioned these days.
    For masters, adds are swarming with “Get your dog a date” “Look at your dog’s lot. Is it a dog’s life?”…
    Dogs weddings are set up. Invitation cards are printed with such mentions: “Why don’t we have a bone?” “Would you like to come and dig in my garden?” “What about fucking?”
    Sure enough you thoughts are shifting towards gay dogs. Yes dogs gay parade will be held next summer. Special invitation cards for gay-dogs are now printed reading “What about a tetanus?” But a big controversial question is pending about neutered dogs. Are they still getting orgasmic bouts or not?
    Asking that question to a high-class male poodle last night, I was answered:
    "Oh My Dog-God! What a question for a gay doggie!"
    At the time dogs were still common pets, we heard "Oh My Dog!". Now dogs turned to be gods, a new plaindrome has be coined, Oh my doggod!

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