English Grammar

Overcome difficulties grammar of English learning


One of the greatest difficulties of English learning is making correctly a phrase without thinking grammar rules.

Speaking is real. You do not have any time to thinking about what rule is right. I think that there is many exceptions in grammar rules in English. That is why it is too difficult for a beginner to implement all this rules in his speaking.

How do you overcome this difficulties ?

Today, I will tempt to give some advice about this subject. However, in my opinion, you do not search for perfection. You can become fluent and make grammar mistakes. The search for perfection is bound to lead to failure.

One of the solution is to seek out reactive words. What do I mean by "reactive words" ? A "reactive word" is a word which triggers a reaction forward other words. To cite an example : when I say "listen" music, you must say "I listen to music". There is always the "to".

An other instance regarding tense. There is a lot of words to give us a clue what tense you'd use.
For example : "since" ; If you say I have been living in London since 1998. It doesn't work in French. In French you say I live in London since 1998. It is fundamentally illogical in French. That is why it is too difficult. Whereas, in English it works. There is no rules, no exceptions but it do so, when you say "since" you use this tense.

In conclusion, if you have trouble with articles or tenses seek out them. Use the same method.
That is what I do because I am bored to memorizing all grammar rules and exceptions in English.


  • Hi everybody !
    If you are any comments let me know. By exchanging to each other we will learn. So I am lokking forward you. Bye !
  • I want to learn english but there are no person to speak with me.So I want to speak with someone.
  • hi,GG friends,
    to remember grammar rules , I often learn usual sentences: "if I had seen this mess, I would have called your parents" or an other for this evening "I had better sleep now" then i try to repeat them several times during the day !
    Best regards !
  • Hello everybody
    Mades, if you want speking english, there is a very good site
    it's a community for learning languages and you can choice english native speakers and speak with them


    Try it's very good

    Bye and good luck for everybody

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