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We began to talk on the topic "Vocabulary--French to English" of the forum.
Below, this is my last message in response to Gee :

If tatiana and I were those women, we used russian and/or french because it's very difficult to speak russian fluently as English is (for me). tatiana speaks French fluently and I think I'll never speak russian like that neither English ! But I will try...

Thursday, I took the train TGV to go to Montpellier-La Grande Motte-Aigues-Mortes. Were you in the train Gee ? In the afternoon I visited the "salins du Midi". No sun, no rain but many wind. A spacious property (like Paris) with sand, water and salt. Sea, rose flamingos, sea gulls, some herons... As I was the only woman the salt-man gave me a salt rose (5 kilograms. I was very afraid when we climbed on the conveyor belt which carry salt at the top of the salt montain. At the top of the platform, we saw the high defensive walls of Aigues-Mortes. It was beautiful but the platform was shaked with the strong gusts of wind. I took many photos but I did'nt see the salt which shines under the sun. When we took the bus to go to the hotel, rain began to fall. Friday I was back in Paris with my salt rose. Gee or somebody else, did you see a woman with a salt rose of 5 kilos in the Lyon Railways Station Friday at 12 ?


  • Hi zina !!

    Good idea this talking space in the forum, I hope it's gonna be successful. What about your week end then ? Mine was quite busy doing some paint work in my girlfriend's parents new flat, they're moving from house tomorrow ... week ends are too short !
    See ya !

  • Hi Zina!
    I had guessed that her name was Tatiana even though I couldn't catch a glimpse of any tattoo on her pretty face (in fact, Tatiana has nothing to do with a tattoo, except three letters.) But I must confess that while Tatiana is a handsome girl, I found her friend Zina much more attractive.
    I now can understand why your talking was so musically pleasant, it was running French and Russian, the two finest languages around the world.

    About Thursday!
    What a pity! No I was not on the TGV. Sure I had bought a ticket on the internet but I had just missed the train by one minute. I am not so lucky those days. And a miss is as good as a mile, isn't it. (that is an idiom meaning that even if one fails by a narrow margin, one has still failed. Failure is failure.)
    So I missed les salins du midi. Until now I had never thought to visit it.
    But your report is quite enticing.
    I am a bit bewildered at hearing you climbed up the hill on a conveyor belt. It is really that device used to carry up the salt?
    And the most amazing is your 5 kilos salt rose. Wouldn't you release a picture of it on the forum? If not possible stick it on your internet blog.
  • Yeah Tom!
    You're mistaking the idiom.
    As you spent a night on the tiles, you surely read "A miss is so good on a tile".
    There is no Miss at stake here, certainly not Miss Zina.
    The miss here is not a girl but a failure and the mile here is neither a nautical mile (1852m) nor a status mile (1609m) but a relativity great distance. So, as I missed the Zina's train by a hair-breath's time (exactly one sole minute), the result was that I missed the whole trip to les Salins, the thrilling climbing on the conveyor belt with Zina, the landscape with nothing but sand, water and salt for miles and miles, the rose flamingos, grey herons, gliding sea gulls and the whole caboodle. And I couldn't help Zina carrying back to Paris her heavy salt rose the saltman lover had given her.

    Please, Zina, never mind Peeping Tom.
    He is a character indeed. Going out and having a wild time overnight being on the tiles, eyeing up pretty girls, his name suits him so well.
    No doubt he'll be loitering about at the Lyon Railway Station every Friday at 12.
    Though maybe I'll do the same.
  • Hi everybody !

    Last week'end, I was trying to end a "user guide explosionproof telephones" in russian. On my PC, on one side the user guide in french, on the other side, the translation (at a stretch) of the text in russian but in the format PDF !!! I had to type again the sentences and to put them at the right place in the user guide. A very long job. On my back, my husband who came from time to time to see if the work was going ahead... GRRRR!!!
    The guide is for his plant because they had sold telephones to an arabian company and that company sold telephones to a russian company. Of course they promised to supply the russian guide with the telephones.
    But techies couldn't read cyrillics characters and they couldn't produce the guide. So, my husband asked me to make it. I forgot it for a long time but this week end, I couldn't defer the errand any more... My husband was so sweet to me this week'end... He brought me drinks... meals... I had not to leave my keybord for anything... Fortunately, today was monday and I had to go to work...
  • Hi everybody !

    What an awful day ! I spend my whole time looking in an application to find where two macrovariables where initialized. And I didn't find the place...
    Now, I have to relax... I'm going to have a bath with a lot of Delavigne relaxing bath salts...
    Tomorrow will be a new day...
  • From Zina:
    Hi everybody !

    What an awful day ! I spend my whole time looking in an application to find where two macrovariables where initialized. And I didn't find the place...
    Now, I have to relax... I'm going to have a bath with a lot of Delavigne relaxing bath salts...
    Tomorrow will be a new day...


    What is your Job Zina ?
  • I don't really remember what it is exactly... First I was engaged to make traffic simulation and congestion forecast. But now I make many different things like writing papers about the road treatment with salt in winter when it snows. Therefore I went in Camargue last week to look the salt harvest and take pictures to illustrate my paper.
    Just now, my traffic simulation software doesn't work anymore because we have changed our server. Of course I have to produce forecasts for 2007. I have already ported my files but the software has to be ported too and I have to fight with some awful objects like macrovariables. I hate them !
    And, at home, my husband is waiting for the russian guide... I hate explosionproof telephones too !
    And just now, all others family's members are sitting in the sofa waiting for diner : humans, cat, dog, guinea pig... So I am going to leave the forum for a while...

    What is your job, Thierry ? Do you play with macrovariables, as I do ?
  • Yersterday, in the morning at home, I spend some time to do different things and then I went to work where I arrived at 9:15. As I arrived, my colleagues shouted at me : "They were waiting for you" "Who was waiting for me?" "Daniel and Emmanuelle !" "Why were them waiting for me ?" "You had a meeting in La Defense at 10 ! now, they had leave ! But you had received a mail !". "Oups !!! " I had completely forgotten the meeting... So I asked Stephan to drop me at the RER station and I jumped in the RER. At La Defense, there were two women behind me on the escalator who was talking in russian. Were they Tatiana and Zina ? Were you at la Defense, yersterday morning, Gee ?
    Finaly I arrived at the meeting at 10:15. They said to me that the first person who had to speak was late because of some computer problems : network ? or... macrovariables ? (I hate them !)
  • I wasn't physically at La Défense yesterday at past 10 but I was there in mind. So I can confirm that the two women behind you on the escalator were Tatiana and Zina. That Zina was not exactly yourself but your alter ego who closely looks like being your double. Like you she is used to deal with macrovariable factors in projecting traffic forecast. Moreover she also gets harassed by her husband about translating French to Russian.

    Now I know a lot about you due to my ubiquity but mainly thanks to your reports of your every daily move, I take the liberty to advise you to get friend with your macrobeasts. All mathematical objects are so pure that they deserve our love. They should be turned into your close family members and sit down on the sofa by the side of your cat, dog, husband, guinea pig, etc.

    By the way how is your guinea pig getting on?

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