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We began to talk on the topic "Vocabulary--French to English" of the forum.
Below, this is my last message in response to Gee :

If tatiana and I were those women, we used russian and/or french because it's very difficult to speak russian fluently as English is (for me). tatiana speaks French fluently and I think I'll never speak russian like that neither English ! But I will try...

Thursday, I took the train TGV to go to Montpellier-La Grande Motte-Aigues-Mortes. Were you in the train Gee ? In the afternoon I visited the "salins du Midi". No sun, no rain but many wind. A spacious property (like Paris) with sand, water and salt. Sea, rose flamingos, sea gulls, some herons... As I was the only woman the salt-man gave me a salt rose (5 kilograms. I was very afraid when we climbed on the conveyor belt which carry salt at the top of the salt montain. At the top of the platform, we saw the high defensive walls of Aigues-Mortes. It was beautiful but the platform was shaked with the strong gusts of wind. I took many photos but I did'nt see the salt which shines under the sun. When we took the bus to go to the hotel, rain began to fall. Friday I was back in Paris with my salt rose. Gee or somebody else, did you see a woman with a salt rose of 5 kilos in the Lyon Railways Station Friday at 12 ?

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  • Actually I don' t know what macrovariables are really, can you explain ? your life seems crazy girls, unless you're the crazy ones !!!! It sounds like sci-Fi !!!!!!!!!! What are you up to girls this week end ?
  • About Zina's diary.

    We feel left hungry because we couldn't read Zina lately.
    Thierry is still waiting for an answer. It makes two of us waiting together with many other silent gymglishers.

    What happened to you, Zina?
    Would you have been swallowed by one of your macrovariables?
    Delectable women are well-known to be used being eaten by getting along woolfs, just like in the Little Red Riding Hood tale.
    Could perhaps a explosionproof telephone have blown up in your face?
    Would you be grape harvesting? or salt harvesting?
    Or has your Russian overcome your English?
    And to make the story short, let us know if your are still living.
    Thank you in advance for going ahead with your diary.
  • Hi everybody !

    I would have liked to respond to Thierry but I don’t understand his last message (what is sci-Fi ?). Perhaps it’s a crazy message as I am a crazy woman ? Perhaps my “crazyness” and his are not communicating...

    As for Gee, I am very affected that you are worrying about me. I was just out of town, in a place where Internet is not wellknown. I was in the country and I was gathering mushrooms in forests where wolfs are supposed to eat women... But not late than this summer, in the Moscow-Vladivostok train I met a man who find himself nose to nose with a bear as he was gathering berries in the taïga when he was a little boy... So I am not afraid of wolfs when I am looking for mushrooms ! I hate macrovariables but I'm in love with mushrooms !

    To the question about my guinea pig, I’ll respond with a great pleasure because there are not many people in the world who worry about my guinea pig... In fact, nobody never worries about my guinea pig !
    My guinea pig Lola is better than it was soon... Why? did you ask. Don’t say “no” Gee, I heard you very clearly ! So, I’ll tell you why.
    Lola used to live with a rabbit “Roxane”, a little one, not the big one wich is so delicious in a “civet”. They lived together in a meter square flat in my kitchen. Sometimes they liked running together on the cover in the sittingroom or in the garden. Lola always walked just behind Roxane. All guinea pigs like to go in single file. Lola liked sleeping alongside of the rabbit. Very often, the guinea pig talked to the rabbit saying : “Coudou ! coudoucoudoucoudou. Crou coudoucoudoucoudou...” I think it means “I’m happy with you”.
    And the rabbit was listening to the guinea pig. The only problems in their lives happened when the cat wanted to hunt for guinea pig. The cat was waiting for a moment when the guinea pig should be alone in the garden or on the cover in the sittingroom and then it jumped on it. The guinea pig run away and began to shout : “Crouîîîkkk ! crouîîîk!” and straight away, the rabbit run from nowhere to the cat and the cat run away... The cat was afraid of the rabbit because when it was a kitten he used to sleep with the rabbit and the guinea pig in the rabbit’s flat until it became too big. Then, the rabbit used to chase away the cat from his flat. But this is another story...
    So the rabbit and the guinea pig were happy together. But one day in spring, the rabbit died. Then Lola became sad and depressive for a while. Now it is better and not so sad it was some times ago...
  • Fine! Zina has popped up again!
    I thank her a lot for correcting my wolf.
    That makes me think that with the Gymglish we learn much more than we had ever thought (I sing it like in the well-known song "What a wonderful world.")

    I won't tell Zina that sci-fi is the authorized commonly used abbreviation for science-fiction for I presume Thierry is going to tell more about that crazy topic.

    It's amazing how far and everywhere Zina travels, nearby Terminus North, far away Russia, countryside, salt lakes, and so on. And notwithstanding she can afford to play the zoo keeper at home.

    Lola's story brings up that pending question: Do animals have emotions?
    Zina's zoo works like a psychological survey. It seems to confirm that most of them are enjoying, hating, loving, suffering, etc. just like human beings do.
    Moreover their language is about to get taught to translaters. Zina could be hired by the coming up Gymonomatopish.
    Keep up the good work, Zina.
  • I'm afraid that nobody except Gee, a little bit Thierry and I, has something to tell to others in this forum. Perhaps my proposal to discuss with others people is not a good idea ?
    Perhaps we would choose more serious subjects to discuss about ?
    However I think that since I began talking with you, I progressed in practicing English... I have to translate my ideas and it's more easy every day... Does somebody want to try to do it ?
    Go... and write 3 lines for me ! even a serious thing ! Even Sci-Fi ! Now I know what it is ! Thanks to Thierry ! Thanks to Gee ! I'm proud because I know a new expression !!!
  • I still don't know what microvariables are Zina, could you explain ?!!! Or maybe I should check in a dictionary ....... Please don't stop yo' talkin' gals it's fun to read. & Don't feel offended for me comparing your lives as science fiction as it's sounds so "surealistic".... But I don't mind please carry on !!!!!!
  • Thierry is mistaking micro with macro.
    Microphones are so called because they are used to be small.
    Macrophages are so called because they eat large beasts (they are large phagocytes).
    But macros - full stop - are computer science objects defining how a certain input pattern is replaced by an output pattern according to a set of rules.
    Far from being a programmer I cannot say much more about that macros.
    And I wonder whether macro variables (in two words) are opposed to defined macros.

    Thierry, as you are going to arrange life meetings in Paris, why not inviting Zina who could give a succinct lecture on algorithmic. In the mean time look up on the Wikipedia.

    Zina, I quite understand that since you began talking you have been progressing; you said that every day it gets easier. Up until now I had second thoughts about talking because I have an embarrassing lisp.
    But I wouldn't disappoint you. I am thinking of starting in this column a new topic entitled "The Bloody Yarn". I trust you'll take the story over, as Thierry, Fred, Gee, Horatio, Jack'O Lantern and all the GymGlish commuters as well.

    Looking forward to reading you.

    As long as needed for the novice third reader, here is a hint:
    macros - full stop : macros - tout court.
    to have second thoughts about talking : se demander si on doit parler.
    to have a lisp = to lisp : zézayer.
  • Referring to Amy's comments added 09/27/2006 - 23:10 Z (*)

    Amy is mistaking life with live as she talks about Thierry's meetings.
    I quite understand that she wants to tell Thierry's live meetings from conference calls Bruno is used to having with the staff.
    A single slip of the pen?

    (*) Translate 09/28/2006 - 01:10 AM
    Here in heaven we practise the Zoulou time.
    Commonly called Z time, the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is in practice the GMT. The UTC is a high precision atomic time standard, updating the GMT with leap seconds added at irregular intervals to compensate the earth's slowing rotation. The UTC is the standard time used in worldwide communications and transportations, in heaven as well.
  • Hi everyone !
    It seems that Thierry really wants me to explain what are macrovariables. I thought that Thierry was nearly a friend but now I know that I was wrong. Thanks to Amy to have explain it instead of me. She is a true friend. Nevertheless I think that she explained what is a macro and not what is a macrovariable. A macro is a program that you want to use very often doing some changes from one use to another. So you have to write your program with some parameters that you will initialize every time you use the program. Then you can call the program writing only one line to call the macro with the right values for parameters. This is very useful. When you write programs you use variables. You can read variables in files or data-tables and create others variables. Except in data-tables, the variables are generally local ones. When the program ends you have to write the variables and their values in a file or in a data base. If you don’t, you lose them at the end of the running of the program. When you build an application with many programs (and perhaps some macros) macrovariables are variables which live during the running of the whole application, of all programs.
  • How beautiful were the last few days ! Yersterday afternoon I walked around on the La Defense esplanade after a meeting in a room without natural light. Fortunately the meeting was very short. At 4 PM there were not too much people on the esplanade. It seemed more spacious when there is no crowd on it. I spent a while in the little church Notre Dame de Pentecôte at the right side of the CNIT to gaze at the statue “Whitsun Blessed Virgin“ by Etienne. Do you know Etienne’s style. He dissociates the parts of the body. So the Virgin is composed with a face without eyes and two hands which are praying. These elements seem to be in weightlessness. They are joined together with a scarf which flies in the wind. After a while so peaceful, I left the church for the sunny place and dived in the crowded tube.

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