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We began to talk on the topic "Vocabulary--French to English" of the forum.
Below, this is my last message in response to Gee :

If tatiana and I were those women, we used russian and/or french because it's very difficult to speak russian fluently as English is (for me). tatiana speaks French fluently and I think I'll never speak russian like that neither English ! But I will try...

Thursday, I took the train TGV to go to Montpellier-La Grande Motte-Aigues-Mortes. Were you in the train Gee ? In the afternoon I visited the "salins du Midi". No sun, no rain but many wind. A spacious property (like Paris) with sand, water and salt. Sea, rose flamingos, sea gulls, some herons... As I was the only woman the salt-man gave me a salt rose (5 kilograms. I was very afraid when we climbed on the conveyor belt which carry salt at the top of the salt montain. At the top of the platform, we saw the high defensive walls of Aigues-Mortes. It was beautiful but the platform was shaked with the strong gusts of wind. I took many photos but I did'nt see the salt which shines under the sun. When we took the bus to go to the hotel, rain began to fall. Friday I was back in Paris with my salt rose. Gee or somebody else, did you see a woman with a salt rose of 5 kilos in the Lyon Railways Station Friday at 12 ?

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  • Hy laroulie ! Hy Gee ! Hy everybody else !
    The Loire valley is éa place so nice ! A writer wrote it was the place of "angevine softness". This refers to the town Angers.
    Are you a farmer, Laroulie ?
    My daughters were back on last Sunday. They told us about Italy where they were. Iris was in Rome with some friends of her's and Lucile was in Venetia for the Carnaval with a group of young people from our town.
    During the last week, I took advantage of my free time by going to the movies.
    As you know, Gee, I am very interested in russian culture. I saw "The italian" that tell us about a little boy who lives in a orphenage so miserable. He should be adopted by an italian family but one day the mother of another boy who had leaved came and ask for her son. But it’s too late ! So the boy wants to know if his own mother doesn’t want to keep him with her. This is a tale like Dickens wrote, like Oliver Twist. But the place is in a little town in Russia. This is a film for children even though the Russian economic reality is so hard and life of people so heavy. In that country there are so many childrens left by they parents. The film was made in 2000 and I red that things are better now but I’m not sure about that.
    I saw another film : “ Itchkeri kenti “. This is a documentary about Tchétchénie. It was realized by a French journalist. He went in Tchétchénie in 1996 when Russia refused to let the tchetchens be free as balte countries were. He went there with a video camera, two photo cameras and a canvas and painting material where people can paint what they want. In one day, Grosny was destructed and people meet together in the place of parliament to protest against the Russian invasion. Tchetchene make humour even in dramatic situations. This film is so impressive, people are simple but so proud. 2 hours and a half later you are touched so much… Even the young Russians soldiers are lost in this war, in front of babouchkas who should be their own grandmothers. I think that Poutine is destroying young Russian boys as he has already destroyed the tchetchene society. If you can, go and see it.
    Tomorrow I think I should see “I think I’m in love with her” with Sandrine Bonnaire et Voncent Lindon. It will be more easy.
  • To Zina about her last released tip.

    I didn't quite understand how the first film you were talking of was titled "the Italian" if the story was going on in Russia. Charles Dickens will help me from London unless you accept to do it yourself. By the way, didn't you project yourself in a character of the movie? For I remember that once upon a time you gave birth to a certain Maureen who - as I have been told - is now on her way to Amsterdam achieving her bloody life.

    I didn't go and see “ Itchkeri kenti “ yet, being overwhelmed by working out my GymGlish lessons on a daily basis. May be you are right about the Checheno-Ingush Republic even though I'd like to get further information from several sources before making up my mind. Don't forget how separatists invaded a school and took children hostages when the fall term began last year. (As a phenomenologist I always try to suspend any information or judgment before making up my mind. And my opinion should never be a final one.)
    For from a general standpoint I personally look Poutine as a boon for Russia because he is straighting out the huge appalling results of Eltsine policy. If there are so many poor people now in Russia (and among other so many hopeless children), that's because the fat Eltsine allowed a savage rush of capitalism to destroy the well-balanced well-being of the population (though suffering from the dictatorship of the Communist Party). In Russia today there are a huge part of the population that lives in poverty because the system allowed a small part of them to become very wealthy in a couple of years. See the Youkos oil saga. After the harm caused by Eltsine the country needs to recover a state that can regulate the transition. Though, economic liberalism and democracy are not necessarily the panacea. Just look at the results of the Bush's policy wanting to export it throughout the world: a thriving of Exxon, Shell and arms manufacturers but at the same time hundreds of thousands of people killed, injured and much more thrown in desperate situation.

    Nothing is perfect on earth, nobody is totally right, neither you, nor me.

    Always happy to read you, Zina.
  • What about this old topic...
    No news about laroulie. Is she (he ?) always on Gymglish ?
    It seems that Gee and I are the oldest on Gymglish.
    What's new ? No more leaves on the trees, fire in the chimney is there again.
    It's time to food the birds and to gather leaves on the ground.
    Tomorrow will be the first day of Avent, are you thinking about Christmas and sending wishes to your friends ?
    I am going to read a story of the year to send it to our family members as a diary of our year.
    Are you doing something special for your family and friends on Chritmas ?
    Best wishes to all Gymglish students !
  • we are 7 brothers and sisters in my family , with our wifes , husbands and children it does many little gifts. So last year we tried some other way with father wrote our names on little papers and sticked them out two by two, so every one had to find just one gift for one person and it was very kind !
  • This year we want to try still an other way: every one find a book or a CD....and write a riddle about the tittle....the first one who find the answer will have it
  • From forestine79:
    This year we want to try still an other way: every one find a book or a CD....and write a riddle about the tittle....the first one who find the answer will have it


    So Forestine you belong to a tribe!
    Your father's last year process is a funny one, I think, as long as the person receiving the gift doesn't know who offered it.
    This year the wittiest one at solving riddles is expected to walk away with a lot of CD and books. Spare some time to train at solving riddles, Forestine, and don't forget to bring a big case to bring your gifts home.
  • Your father's idea was a good one.
    As a Christian, I'm very sad about the loss of Chritmas meaning beacuse of the abundance of gifts.
    A friend of mine whe had a large tribe as your's took your father's answer and they are very found of this. Firt, they have a notebook in which everyone has a page on which he writes the gifts he would like to receive. The gifts have to cost different prices. Then the tribe has a first party to drow lots who will offer a gift to whom (except children - the adults have a strategy for each one).
    And then they find a theme for the Christmas party. last year, it was "tourists". So on the pictures, we can see women with very large hats and sun glasses (like on cruise boats in Agatha Christie's books) and men dressed with shorts, hawaiian skirts and photo equipment.
    In our family, my sister-in-law and I receive the whole family each one in her turn. Everyone find his gift(s) under the Christmas tree in his own house in the morning. When my daughters were younger, I didn't want that we play the Father Christmas'comedy when he unfortunately came just at the moment when they had come out in their cousin's bedroom.
    Now I do like Christmas but I don't like gifts (my husnad's or my girls'ones) because they are most often technologic ones and I don't buy them. My husband does. Once, we chose that every people would open one gift at midnight during or after the Christmas meal. At midnight, everyone opened his gift. It was a series of mobile phones or MP3. Everyone began to read the notice, to test accessories... It was an owfull moment !
    Today I have lightened the first candle of Avent...
    Have a nice Sunday !
  • Zina said

    Hi everybody !

    Last week'end, I was trying to end a "user guide explosionproof telephones" in russian. On my PC, on one side the user guide in french, on the other side, the translation (at a stretch) of the text in russian but in the format PDF !!! I had to type again the sentences and to put them at the right place in the user guide. A very long job. On my back, my husband who came from time to time to see if the work was going ahead... GRRRR!!!
    The guide is for his plant because they had sold telephones to an arabian company and that company sold telephones to a russian company. Of course they promised to supply the russian guide with the telephones.
    But techies couldn't read cyrillics characters and they couldn't produce the guide. So, my husband asked me to make it. I forgot it for a long time but this week end, I couldn't defer the errand any more... My husband was so sweet to me this week'end... He brought me drinks... meals... I had not to leave my keybord for anything... Fortunately, today was monday and I had to go to work...

  • Hi, thank you so much to those who are courageous enough to write in English. I till now was a bit shy and I thought no one would ever answer . That's such a good opportunity to practice. .
    I can write either in English or in Russian .I look forward to hearing from you soon ,
    I must add that I am the grandmother of 2 grandaughters (17 years old and 15 years old )

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