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Can anybody tell me...

...what does "a scam" mean ?


  • ...what does "a scam" mean ?
  • From jbernard:
    Thank you GA !

    Can you make a sentence with that word "scam"? Thank you!
  • Quite difficult to find that sort of thing here in heaven!
    Here are some reports from Planet Earth.

    NovaNewsnow.com, Canada, today:
    (headline) Police warn of the latest Nigerian scam.
    A Nigerian overpayment scam is currently targeting people worldwide, including several people recently in the Annapolis Valley area, say local RCMP.
    The scam involves someone legitimately selling an item on the Internet on a site such as Ebay, Kingston Cst. Geoff Peters....

    The Statesman, India,
    BHUBANESWAR, Nov. 11: The crime branch police today arrested M Pani, MM Swain and N Sutar of the Board of Secondary Education in connection with a mark sheet scam involving former school and mass education minister Mr B C Das’s son.

    Sunday Star Times, Monday, 12 November 2007. By Tony Wall.
    The immigration Service has launched a major investigation into a cash-for-jobs scam allegedly involving hundreds of students, as well as employers and Immigration staff.

    For more, make use of your search engine to read through press reports over scams. There are so many.. you can bump into one at any corner.
  • You're welcome.
    "scam" is a relatively new word even though scams have been running since the human's origin yet. It's a noun and a verb as well.
    Some synonyms?
    a scam = a con
    to scam = to con = to rook
  • Dear friend,
    Could you never scam in your life!
    A scam is the worst thing that tradesmen and politicians are used to do. What a shame to the humanity!
    Be sure to always run legitimate business, jbernard, and make nothing but honest and frank deals.
    Would it happen that you be victim of a scam, call me on, I'll come straight down.

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