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I suggest my fellow forum-users adopt these codes in their messages. Each in square brackets to make clear it's not a signature or anything else.

[CW] CORRECTIONS WANTED (coined by Silky)
[ROGER] WELL UNDERSTOOD (from radiotelephony phraseology)


  • I vote for!
  • I vote for, but coming to think of it, Silky said CORRECTION WELCOME or CORRECTIONS WELCOME.
    Don't be so rough,Gee.

    Hi gals and guys!

    I once and again have used the code [CW] implemented by Gee in order to be corrected by readers.
    So far I've never been!
    Therefore I presume you agree testing that code.

    This is the TEST.

    Everyone had been written to seeing to it that their family be posted. That's why everyone had been written a postcard to their family.
    Everyone eventually got back a postcard written by their family.

    End of TEST.
  • Guardian Angel coined a new code today under a different thread.
    He was replying s.o. what had used the [CW].
    He started off correcting with a [CS] meaning "these are the corrections I'd suggest."
    Well copied G.A.!

    So Lucky bastard, Susan used that [CW] today. Until now there are at least 5 or so people having once and again used the code.

    That makes me think I must enforce the [CW] of your test.
    Here you are:
    At the first line of the test, second sentence, something has been badly written. I would have been better not to be written at all and give way to a right writing.
    Hope bastard and any reader will twig my say.
    I'm not sure there aren't other misspellings...
    I'd like some kind fellow learner take the test ... and so let me know if I passed it!
  • hello, Lucky Bastard,
    I should tell you up front I didn't twig anything about the first sentence of the TEST.

    For the second one I should have written "that's why everyone had written..."and so on;no passive form or I would like you shoot a film to show us ...(CW)
  • Oh forestine79, my dear,

    I'm so glad you made it as to prove the C.W.-code is working.

    Now let me account for the first sentence you said not twigging.
    *Everyone had been written* -> something (a letter, a directive or whatnot) had been written to everyone = everyone had received something written. What comes next in the sentence lets sort of think a directive was at stake.
    *to seeing to it* -> to making sure
    *that their family be posted.* -> that their family be (subjunctive) informed, updated.

    Second sentence: thanks to you the test showed CW had been efficient.
    The sentence can be reworked in your way: "had written" or, I think, in "had been writing" with a subtlety of difference in meaning.
    *That's why everyone °had written/had been writing° a postcard to their family.

    Hi Gee,
    Did you pass the test? I wouldn't give you full marks.
    Even though the test in itself proved the CW-code working.
    But I can't understand what you meant by saying "I would have been better not to be written at all". Please hand over some explanation.
    Anyway, thank you for answering.

    Hi everyone,
    Don't fret. Light a calumet.
  • To Lucky bastard
    <I would have been better not to be written at all.>
    What a bug have you hit on here?
    Reading your remark, I felt upset at first. I thought to myself: That makes no sense at all. I hoped nobody but Lucky bastard had read my bloody tangled words. I was ashamed, actually!
    I definitely should think more of my thought than to think of the subject of my thought, and finally think more of the words of my thought than of my thought itself. Because clear expression involves clear conception.
    How to fix the bug?
    Let’s make "I" turn into "It" to make "It would have been better not to be written at all". "It", subject, pronoun for something that had been written.

    But coming back to the TEST set up by yourself, Lucky bastard, I finally decided that my sentence was absolutely grammatically right with a different meaning.
    I would have been better no to be written at all = It would have been better that nobody write (subjunctive) [something] to me at all. = It would have been better nothing be written to me at all. = …(there is still room for further reworking)…
    What do you think?

    Calumet lit on. Peace on.
  • Peace out, fits better.

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