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No more radio Rhubarb, please!!!

I did try to write to support_at_gymglish_dot_com to tell my lessons didn't meet my requirements at all for several weeks now. I wanted business-related topics (and I got them until recently), but for a couple of weeks at least, I have only received "Radio Rhubarb" about sports!!and excuse me for saying that, but I'm fed up with it; once from time to time, ok; but every day and;
so, don't tell me to write to the mentioned address; it comes back, with failure notice...I want to have the Delavigne story back, with business-related topics!
By the way, it's not the first time i try to get in touch with the support and all my mails come back, undelivered; if somebody could give me a hint, it would be great...


  • Hello tiazora,
    I got in touch several times with the support with this address...
    don't you have a problem with your computer (outlook or something else ? I had those kind of things ; so, now, I write -not copy with the mouse- the adress each time and it goes !
    Good luck !
  • Hello tiazora,

    Very strange that you should have received so many lessons on Radio Rhubarb. I understand you are fed up. I like them but not so many of them in a row.
    Forestine's piece of advice is wise but I am exactly like you. I can NEVER EVER get in touch with GG support. A few weeks ago, I even telephoned them and a charming girl said it must have something to do with my computer. I had my computer checked, the computer guy had the same answer: failure notice. I called GG Paris again. Another charming girl said: I'll send you a message straightaway, which she did, and she suggested answering the message: it came back two minutes later with "failure notice". Enough to drive you crazy. I can do nothing but sympathise, hoping the GGteam will eventually help when they have solved the big problem they have with the server.
  • Hello users,

    If you have technical problems or you are not happy with certain things you should write to support_at_gymglish_dot_com ( is not a valid email address).

    Regarding your query tiazora,

    Our Radio Rhubarb lessons are more the exception than the rule. Depending on your settings (interests and level of English), you'll receive them more or less often. Don't worry - the vast majority of our content is centred around happenings at the Delavigne Corporation, and you'll be returning to this saga shortly!

    It's not possible to receive only Delavigne lessons; nor is it possible to receive only Radio Rhubarb lessons.

    I hope this helps, and that you continue to enjoy your GymGlish lessons!

    Brian Jones
  • Hello ,

    thank you all for your answers and advice; of course, the email address is support_at_gymglish_dot_com and not as I wrote it in my first message; but it doesn't work , that's sure; and I don't have any problems with my computer either....
    I've just had a look at my past lessons right now and I can say that at least since 4/11 , I've only received lessons with vocabulary and RADIO RHUBARB ; and I wouldn't complain if it was about something else than sports, which is a topic I didn't tick (because neither does it appeal to me nor do I find it useful ); I can tell you about soccer, football, tennis, rugby.... and it gets on my nerves; please, STOP it
  • hi

    Can you tell me more about radio Rhubarb?
    Ijust want to have an idea of it.You have excited my curiosity.Thank you
  • Yes, I know what you mean, what is this Radio Rhubarb? I gather it's a Sports broadcast with a fruit and veg twist. I hope to receive it soon because I always like to know how the runner beans are doing!
  • Roudoudou,
    Radio Rhubarb is neither a voodoo doll, nor a wee doodah. It's a great broadcasting doodah, not only running sports and cuisine. Great singers are on very often. Elvis more than once made listeners raving.
    Tune in your radio set to Radio Rhubarb on 99.99 MHz.
    If you don't live in California, you cannot receive it. It has not been broadcast through satellite so far.
    If so, do subscribe to a GymGlish set of lessons. A Radio Rhubarb broadcast report will elate - or hit - you sooner or later.
    See you soon on air?
  • To Elvis and Roudoudou,

    If I could , I woud send you all the ones I received...
  • i see that Brian Jones is with us here, i dream

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