English Idioms

We can call it a day.

At the end of a meeting, to end it.


  • Dear Gee,

    You can only use the expression when you decide not to work any longer
    EX. We'll call it a day now and start again tomorrow morning.

    It is also used by someone who is fed up, he will then ask : shall we call it a day?

    The day when you stop smoking is a red-letter day (a day you will remember)

    When you get retired, it is a "phew day"... (joke!)

  • Please, Alain, go further explaining.

    Is it a way saying the meeting was outstanding, that some exceptional decisions were taken, some marking events happened at the meeting?
    In the sense of: We can call it a (famous)day!

    Or does it mean that we can now say that the thing is over, the day is over.
    Examples: I've been learning years long, now I get retired, I can call it a day!
    I've been smoking so far, but now I can call it a day! (=I gave up smoking.)
    Until now I thought Luna was a catch but from now on I can call it a day.

    Or are none of these interpretations right?

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