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I had the excellent idea to register for Gymglish about two weeks ago for a three-months course, but I received lessons for only one week, after what the on-line data service broke down (actually since Friday 9th), what I’ve been informed about when trying to get back to one of my former lessons in order to understand what was happening. Despairingly trying to reach one of the anonymous Gymglish webmasters, I noticed that I couldn’t even attain the forum to expound the problem, for the only way to do it was to go through the automatic redirection towards it from my mail messages (which, precisely, didn’t work) I decided to write using the contact rubric on the front page of the Gymglish advertising site, but no way, for the only thing I gained is another automatically sended evaluation version of Gymglish, via another of my email addresses.
Now that I’ve lost two (nearly three if I don’t receive anything today) training days (which ones, I hope, will be regained), we are Wednesday, and there is still no new Gymglish lesson in my email box. I still don’t know whom to address to in case of need, when contact is totally broken. Now that everything SEEMS to be returned to normal on the server, I’ve just the feeling that I’ve paid for something which is not given to me and I am really UPSET with this lack of communication means to get in touch with the Gymglish webmasters. I’ve finnaly tried this morning to write on to reach somebody... so far, no answer yet.
Might somebody concerned help me ?
I thank you in advance and wish you a nice day.
Sincerely yours,


  • Maybe they don't understand your complaint, still being busy at looking up in their dictionaries for "irrited". (lol)
    As you are feeling lonely, Venus, I suggest you come along with me for a sunny chitchat, question of chilling out!
    Your best lucky bastard.
  • Lucky, what a great joke, woooh ! I was expecting something like that...
    Ooops yes indeed, I noticed too late that I had written "irrited", let's say that it was because of upsetting... :-))
    Now that everything has returned to normal (I finally received a lesson tonight...) everything's ok.
    That was not such a deal but I was really feeling angry all the week long. And lonely as well !
    See you soon maybe for a little chat !
  • Let's have our chat on the little wooden public bench nearby the Tower bridge, say, tomorrow at sunset.
    I'll be wearing a small black bowler sort of Chaplin's and will keep silent until you come along and have the first word. I'm used to being the last speaker in order to have the last word.
    Would you be so kind as to describe yourself so as I don't mistake you with any babe walking by. I know you are venusly red-haired, well shaped and easily on edge. Tell me a bit more about you so as we feel getting along at the very start of our chitchat.
  • Hello !

    Like our friend Venus, I have problems with my lessons, corrections, vocabulary. This week again, no vocabulary and today, no lesson at all. I'm quite irrited and I hope you will answer me this time. Last week-end, I sent you an e-mail on "support" and, miracle, it worked for a few days. Ne me laissez pas tomber ! I need you !

    Irrited Okapi...
  • In my opinion, an "irrited" Okapi is a legendary kind of animal created today by a fellow learner on the funny model our Venus made an "irrited" Venus as a joke in mid November. Okapi is annoyed, riled and pissed? Yes, he seems to be ferociously IRRITATED, even if he thinks feeling irrited.

    I never straight believe what I see or hear. I always put it first into brackets and apply the doubt. I take it by all possible visual angles. And eventually I make up my mind about it, never forgetting that the result of suspending the given fact is nothing but my personal opinion, standing here and now, for now and not forever.

    My way of reading the notes here on this forum seems to be especially accurate, given the fact that the forum is not monitored and drives a real fantasmagoria. That's so funny! I love that!
  • why are you all so irrited? don't you know that we are in contact with Gymglish by a automatic responder, so that if your complaint is not filled as the responder has been programmed, it will not be able to treat your complaint and you will not get satisfaction.

    be patient, please

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